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    Oh Stressmas time oh Stressmas time, why do we do this to ourselves.............

    Woohoo! Finally upgraded from my iPhone 4 to the Lumia 920 and I'm loving it!!

    Bah humbug... i hate this time of the year.

    Big W now sells the Samsung Galaxy S III which is good news because i can put one of lay-by and pay it off without having to shell out a considerable sum of money.

    I am thinking about upgrading from my 4S to a Galaxy S III or a Note 2, the only thing is that i still have over 12 months on my current contract so getting a phone outright and unlocked seems to be a good choice without getting into a new contract and being weighed down for 2 years.

    My logins fail on Giz but work on Kotaku. I thought they used the same account? (iPhone 4)

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