What The Future Looked Like 100 Years Ago

In the early 1900s, Ladies Home Journal thought the future would bring a lot of things. The predictions sound funny and old timey, sure, but you know what? Even though we haven't eradicated flies and mosquitos (yet!), a lot of them came true.

Including these five:

  • Hot and cold air from spigots: Suck it, past. Warm baths are a thing now.
  • There will be air-ships: Ever heard of planes?
  • To England in two days: Speaking of planes, try seven hours or less.
  • Trains will go 150 miles per hour (240km/h): Yup, Japan's Shinkansen goes up to 300km/h.
  • Telephones around the world: The internet would have blown the minds of the Ladies Home Journal

Here's hoping we can cross a few more off the list by 2112. [BuzzFeed]


    Most of these prophecies have come true but in unexpected ways, but some are way off.

    I believe we still use C, X and Q, and i think what they meant by hot and cold air by spigots is now air conditioning and heaters, and store purchases by tube, although they meant pneumatic tubes but now we can buy stuff off the internet, the internet is a bunch of tubes right?

      I'm guessing what they were envisioning was something more on the line of "order it and it shows up in your house!"
      While the internet sure has made ordering things easy, we're still relying on the postie.

        What is ths *postie* you talk of... I press 'BUY' and magically, 3 days - 6 weeks later it appears!!!! Bazinga!!!

      Regarding C, X, Q: US sure is trying. They've already butchered a large amount of the English language, trying to make it phonetic. Color, honor etc etc.

        I hate when people say stupid things like this, American English hasn't butchered the language because they speak a different type of English than ours, just like French Canadian is different to normal French. Even Indians have their own version of English, just like we have a different type than the UK.

          No. There is a difference between dialects and slang versus dumbing down spelling.

        You can point your finger at Noah Webster, he decided on the" ize" and the "or" instead of "ise" and the "our". He is not wrong, even the Oxford prefers the "ize" he most likely thought: I'll show them Brits how to write a dictionary!

    well under "England in two days" they accurately predicted hover-crafts years before they were invented.

    "There will be no cars in our large cities"

    Sort of true with Venice, Italy since they use boats and gondola's to get around, however it's only 250,000 population, hardly what I'd call a large city

    University education will be free to every man and woman


      I believe it was, for a while. Very sad. Now we complain there aren't enough people qualified in things.

        Yes, I believe it was when people of my parents' generation were going through. Unfortunately it now seems that a Bachelor's is a pre-requisite for any half well-paid job (that's not a trade).

          not every well paid job needs a degree, plenty of people doing 6 figures with a high school education

            Fully agreed, I have TAFE level qualifications and am quite happy and comfortable career-wise. However, the world needs people with university-level quals for various things, and it seems short-sighted to make them hard to get.

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