What It Looks LIke When NYC Builds A Brand New Subway Tunnel

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority is extending the 7 subway line into far west Manhattan. It won't open until mid 2014 (hopefully), but today the MTA showed off some of its progress. Just so we remember that it's actually a thing that is going to happen and the MTA isn't just playing a joke.

Here's a view of the future ventilation station.

Here's a look at things at 34th Street and 11th Ave.

More of the ventilation facility. Not pictured: trains.

Later this guy will probably complain that the train never comes when it's supposed to.

This is the outside of the ventilation building. Looking pretty good, but apparently there's still quite a bit of work to be done.

Photos: Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Patrick Cashin


    Take a good look, next week it'll look like a rats nest.

    OK how is this possible that it can be completed in N.Y one of the most densely populated cities in the world with 100's of years of history but in little ol'Melbourne Australia everyone kicks up a fuss?

      Because it costs money.

        and requires people to actually do stuff instead of procastinating about it all year round

          Also nobody drives in NYC. Nobody. Australia loves us some car

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