What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Does Telstra need its own Jetstar-style subsidiary to stay relevant in an NBN-world? That's the suggestion from analysts, at least.

ZDNet has a top story looking at how Telstra needs a low-cost carrier like Adam Internet to push cheap internet in the bush. According to Commonwealth Bank boffins, Telstra will shed a massive number of regional broadband customers once the NBN is completed in 2024. The full report is well-worth a read.

Meanwhile, 50 lucky homes are about to get a taste of what IPTV over the NBN is like, with the trial set to kick off next year in Rhodes, NSW.

And finally, Optus is on the offensive with NBN Co, demanding that the agency release its financial information to make sure it's not charging wholesalers for access to the fibre network.

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