What American Macintosh Factories Looked Like Last Time

Tim Cook laid some pretty exciting news on us today, saying that an entire Mac line would be manufactured in the US starting next year (some iMacs are already assembled here). But that used to just ho-hum standard for all Macs, when they used to be made in Fremont, California.

Here's what the factory making the Mac SE and Macintosh II looked like back then, which is as fun for the '80s style and music as it is for the stark contrast to the way Apple products are made today.

[h/t Chris Person]


    You'll find that a lot of manufacturing still uses the same process with a lot of manual labour still involved and I'm sure whilst its now obviously faster and less hands on there would still be a lot of manual input over at Foxconn

    Is that Steve Jobs at O:45? haha

    Hahaha, the 80's dream of robotic automated mass production... and these days we're back to 19th Century people power.

    It's about time they moved their operations to the US! With all that profit they more than any other manufacturer are able to do that.

    I love the fact apples packaging has had that clean look since the 80's

    Only thing Apple manufactures are the invoices for Chinese imports.

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