Watch This UPS Employee Steal The iPad Mini That FedEx Just Delivered

Vimeo user alversae has posted a video which shows a UPS delivery guy wander up to the front of his house and steal his daughter's Christmas present — an iPad mini — right off the porch where it had just been left by FedEx.

Obviously getting a high-end piece of technology delivered and left on your doorstep is never the single smartest idea, but the fact remains that — of all people — a UPS driver shouldn't be wandering around stealing packages off of doorsteps. Fortunately, now UPS has seen the footage it no longer denies the claims that the item was stolen. Merry Christmas, from UPS!

[Vimeo via Reddit]


    Well at least it was stolen before the girl had a disappointing experience using it.

      You will note that the parents had the common sense to buy a decent device, an iPad, and not a Surface or andrid device. You might also note that, because it was stolen, it makes it a desirable device. I wonder have many Surface have been stolen - probably none!

    UPS guy is gonna get fired, arrested and then finally villified all over the net. Merry Christmas douchebag.

    It's the best part about the tech these days - it reminds us all very quickly that being a douche is only going to come back at you 1,000 times over.

    hahaha love the guy at the very end in the background

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