Watch These Dogs In New Zealand Drive A Car Better Than Your Grandma

Attention: You are about to watch dogs -- who mere months ago were roaming the streets of Auckland homeless -- drive cars. My grandma isn't even allowed to drive anymore, but these canine chauffeurs are completely street legal because they actually passed their drivers' tests. Seriously, New Zealand, is everything OK over there?

The pooches were trained by the SPCA in an effort to get people to adopt them. To get their licences, the mutts successfully drove a Mini Cooper around a race track. And they did it all on their own, putting the car in gear, breaking, parking, steering with paws, etc. This means dogs can do anything. In fact, New Zealand might want to prepare for a future dog uprising. [Herald Sun]


    But can they reverse park and why can't most women?
    Sexist - yes, Dogist - likely, accurate - definitely.

    Instead home/adoption, how about driving instructor in Sydney.

      Or better still.... Taxi driver!

      They can't be any worse than the ones we already have.

        Hey now, my father is the best god damn taxi driver in Sydney. They are not all bad.

    Go dawgie !

    look at my puppy, he can roll over, sit, stay.... please, my dog can drive.

    Apart from the obvious jokes this is really impressive! Hats of to the trainers.

    Just don't put the radio on -


    I think the dog drive better than some sunday drivers.

    Statistics shows that a dog correctly uses the indicator at least 98% of the time, compared to the national average of just 15%

    They're also able to use their phone while driving 2400% better than all drivers surveyed.

    I think most older drivers also need a trainer running beside the car calling out instructions... "Mavis! Mavis! Indicator! Gooooooood girrrrrrrrrl..."

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    They trained em to have the driving posture of a muzza!

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