Watch The Walking Dead Get The ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Treatment

Watch The Walking Dead Get The ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ Treatment

Warning: The clip above and this post contain spoilers for The Walking Dead! We all remember /”Dumb Ways To Die”, Metro Train’s viral safety video. Since its release in mid-November, it’s clocked 34.2 million views and countless parodies, including this one showing the somewhat brainless deaths of characters in The Walking Dead.

Any piece of zombie entertainment wouldn’t be the same without the occasional offing of a main character, but doing it in such a way that doesn’t trigger a face-palm moment from the audience is (seemingly) difficult to accomplish.

The clip here, in the style of the original “Dumb Ways To Die” video, points out a number of reasonably avoidable deaths the show’s ex-characters have endured.

It’s a little over four minutes long, but you can safely stop watching after three, with the final minute packed with plugs to the creator’s various social media channels.

My favourite part — the guy playing Dale’s dedication to continuous overhead clapping. What a trooper.