Watch The Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks Display Get Built

Piece by painstaking piece, the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is turned into a giant fireworks plinth in the weeks leading up the the turn of the calendar. Construction crews have been working around the clock to build this year's centrepiece on the bridge, and Telstra is taking us behind the scenes to look at how it's done.

This curious little video doesn't tell us a huge amount about the New Year's Eve fireworks display, but it does tell us that 14 kilometres of light rope is being used to make the centrepiece on the Harbour Bridge.

Everyone on the project has been sworn to secrecy, and one of the heads of construction tells us that not even his wife knows what's going to be on the bridge until New Year. That's some hardcore secret-keeping.

Check out the video and tell us in the comments what your plans are for the big night.

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    I think the New Year's eve fireworks display has gone too far. It costs a huge amount of money [$6.5 million last year] and only last a short time. It also disturbs a lot of people [and particularly animals] who are affected by the explosions which shake buildings for miles around.

      and tell them damn young'ns to turn the hippity hop musics down while you're at it.

      I beg to differ, I think they have been getting stale and we need to UP IT! Not necessarily spend more, but be more innovative at least. The amount of money politicians waste on crap to of no ones benefit NYE benefits everyone... except prudes I guess!

    As always, I intend to sleep through the night.

    Why don't they just rig a big LED display up there instead? Like what you'd see at a music festival with moving graphics etc. Surely it would be cheaper to buy once and just put it up there each year.

      Umm no, the bridge is enormous! It'd cost way too much even just to hire it for a fees weeks, think about how cheap rope lights are, LED screens are way too expensive compared to that.

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