Watch The Madness Of A Truck Full Of Cows Spilling Onto The Highway

What epic absurdity have Russian dashboard cameras captured this time? Just another truck crashing in an unnamed town in Russia. That's what you might think, until the cargo of said truck reveals itself to be piles and piles of cows -- bovines spilling and scattering across the road.

Remarkably, most of those cows seem fairly resilient, standing up and acting pretty, well, cow-like after the horrible trauma. Oh, and I hope the driver is OK. [YouTube via Reddit]


    That's horrible. I won't watch it.

      Actually it looks like all the cows got up in the end and walked away. They didnt get butchered or anything if thats what you're thinking happens.

    ah, thats how they make hamburger patties

    Roast beef rolls.

    Full speed was pretty impressive, slow mo though I saw a lot of road rash on the side of some cows. Bloody.

    Interesting take on cow tipping...

    Ouch. At least most them got up. Walk it off big guy.

    Those poor cows. I hope they eventually made it to the slaughterhouse.

    How good is beef?

    stupid truck driver..

    not sure if everyone in russia has dash cam,
    or if everyone in russia is just shit at driving....

      All of them, insurance company requirement...

    If that happened in India, a mob would have formed and attacked the driver for injuring the cows.

    @mr1jz I believe that you mean 'Soviet Russia' -.-

    Last edited 20/12/12 11:21 am

    It is sad people enjoyed it. In the video instead of cows if the cargo was full of human, story was different!!

      but far more hilarious if a cow was driving

    rollin' rollin' rollin'.....RAWHIDE!

    Beef Jerky...

    As sad as this video is, the commenters above have given me the best laugh of the week.

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