Watch Prime Minister Julia Gillard Announce The End Of The World

I believe that the quality of a leader can be measured by how comfortable you are with them appearing on television to tell you everything is going to hell. Unfortunately, you usually have to wait for a time of crisis to put this theory to the test. Not this time! Here's Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard telling us that the Mayans were right, and that we're all doomed.

The PM delivers the end of days speech with cold precision, and that's what makes this so perfect. I love a politician with a sense of humour.

Don't worry. The end of the world isn't really happening. This is actually an ad for a radio show on Triple J. Best. Ad. Ever.


    "And whether the end comes from flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts..."

    Good luck getting Tony Abbott to say something that awesome.

      I think she is referring to abbot

        Zombies in budgie smuggers - is there anything worse?

          zombies in budgie smugglers & riding a racing bike..NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

            Zombies and demonic hell beasts in budgie smugglers & riding a racing bike. Double trouble.

      What's the next bit about?
      "The total triumph of Capob?"
      Went totally over my head this morning.

        K-Pop. As in, Gangnam Style, that sort of thing.

          Ah! Cheers both of you...
          I thought it was some cult pop-culture reference (ie some Manga comic about Mech-droids taking over the world).

            It's JJJ, gotta get some musical lulz in there somewhere

    As much as I don't normally like her (or Abbott for that matter), this definitely wins her points.

      Only thing she's said since becoming PM that's worth listening to.

        I agree Jacrench... and I'm annoyed at myself for thinking so. Such a simple way to get on the good side of Gen Y's and I've been taken hook line and sinker.

    But.... QandA is awesome...

      Used to be, when the audience actually asked decent questions and understood what's going on. Now it's mostly idealistic teens with little understanding of politics.

        Better than out of touch old people with little understanding.

          You get plenty of those, too... The only time you ever see nuance or thorough understanding in an answer is when Kevin Rudd is up there, but the only questions he gets are "So when will you be PM again?".

        the problem with QandA is the politicians. Every. Single. Answer. Is a party line or campaign slogan. Only watch the pollie-free episodes usually.

    That accent! urgh...

      Aww, I love her accent. It's so Aussie. Go the bogan!

        aussie trille doesnt successfully troll other aussies who know her aussie accent is from wales!

    Start listening at 4:30. VERY closely.

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    Clearly Federal politics is done for 2012...

    Julia is making ads for radio shows
    Tony is driving a truck
    Kevin is challenging Brisbane radio presenters to arm wrestling

      In all fairness, Tony Abbott has been doing stupid shit on building sites all year, and Kevin Rudd has to spend his time on the backbench doing something after all.

        He's probably masterbating, whinging and bitching, or crying.

    So she is a sell out.. surprise, surprise.

      Dude - it's Triple J. As in, the ABC. As in government-owned. As in, by being the current PM, she literally owns it. (Or, if you want to be pedantic, she owns the operation of it on our behalf).

        She's sold out her integrity.. don't be so literal.

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          How does showing a sense of humour make her a sellout?
          She is just showing that she is human, unlike Abbott who is a slathering attack dog with no integrity. That last part was just my opinion of the man, not necessarily hard fact... :)

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            He isn't even an attack dog, he has been neutered. To be fair Abbott and gillard are both hopeless.

              Of course they are both useless that's why we ended up with pretty much a hung parliament. No one wanted either of them

          Sorry man but what you are saying is strange. She didn't sell out in any way, she made a joke. Something you must be incapable of doing.

          You're kidding, right?

          1. A person who is professionally involved in politics.
          2. A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement.

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      There's a long history of politicians appearing in comedy skits for either fun, promo, or charity.

      Nixon appeared on Laugh-In
      Thatcher wrote a Yes Minister sketch
      Tony Blair appeared in quite a few
      John Howard occasionally played along with The Chaser
      Barack Obama ordered Stephen Colbert's head shaved

      It's a long part of political discourse.

      In other words, your argument has no merit.

        Moreso, Malcolm Turnbull plays along with The Hamster Wheel more often than not.

        All that proves is that there has been a vacuume of wise responsible leaders for years.
        Sign of the times, and an indication that fools would rather be governed by fools.

      I agree. She's trying to buy relevance.

      Rudd pulled it off masterfully on The Project (or whatever it's called these days).
      She's trying too hard, she's uncomfortable and it's obvious.

      Funny? No.

      Yeah, selling out to a government-and-taxpayer-funded radio station! How commercial of her.

    Ahh Triple J <3

    Good on you JG.

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    Best thing Julia Gillard has ever done.

      That, is an incredibly, incredibly... sad achievement.

        And totally incorrect. NBN, Carbon Tax, these are real achievements that will be remembered decades from now like Medicare or HECS is today. Easy to take potshots, but it's not her fault a joke she delivered on Triple J is getting more attention than her other more notable achievements.

    It's hard to tell the difference between her acting and her "normal" self...

      Not sure which is the "real" Julia? A very common problem - even she suffers from it.

    I was enjoying this untill she said - "I will always fight for you till the very end"
    Um you mean like how you fought for Assange? Oh wait no, you simply threw him under a bus.

      Screw Assange, the guy is a tool.

        Who was an Australian who hadn't broken any laws, who was being targeted by other countries who wanted to pretty much kill him without trial. John Howard did what he could to help Schapelle Corby even though it was known she was guilty.

        being a tool is illegal now?

          He's a tool because he's the architect of his own demise. If he had of answered the rape allegations when they had come up and travelled he wouldn't be in his current situation. Instead he's wasted everybodies time and money playing victim and has drawn more unwanted attention as a by-product.

      Yeah... She should have gone with "Hope the zombies don't eat your brains."

    imagine being in the end of the world underground bunker with only Julia and tony for company. I think I prefer to take my chances with the demonic hell beasts.

    Well, this probably secured her vote with the left gaming/tech community. Thank god this mob is done and the Liberals will be back in power next year.

      Well, this and the $20m investment in games development. And the inquiry into the "Australia tax". And the introduction of unit pricing on mobile plans. And the NBN.

      You're right - how can we let this do-nothing government go on? Particularly when the opposition has such a compelling vision for technological development in Australia. It's so easy to explain, too:

      ... ... ... ?

      I can see why it sits so well in the minds of conservative voters.

        I think Abbott would be happy to have people print out emails and SMS to be delivered on horseback.

        By using morse code the opposition has managed to secure the vote of hipsters, old folk, and cryptographers within the Swedish Swing Society. A niche demographic perhaps, but very important.

    Funniest thing I've seen her say, ever. Give her credit - this is probably as far into 'cracking-a-joke' as you'll ever see from her :P

    Also, watch this vid from Aussie animator, Sexual Lobster - don't let the name turn you off, he's funny as **** :P

    Normally every time she opens her mouth a lie comes out, at least this time it's on purpose and entertaining.

      I prefer Rudd over her, but why all the hate with Julia? So she's the first politician ever to lie is it? I would ask who lies more, Abbott or Julia?

    Great. She could have at least put this to a referendum. She might be the Anti-Christ but I doubt she could even wrangle the support of 4 midgets riding poodles right now. It's pretty weak that she'd rather call for the end of days than answer questions under oath about the AWU scandal.

    If this is like any of her other schemes, she'll probably do a backflip. So you might want to take it easy on the raping and pillaging for the moment. Besides, there's no guarantee that Labor won't give your place to some queue-jumper in the event that there is a Rapture.

    I heard this on Triple J yesterday morning, and I was sure it was a voice imitator. I had to watch the vid to believe that it was actually the PM. This is definitely an 'Only in Australia' moment. Could you imagine Obama announcing the end of days for a laugh? Didn't think so. Only Australians (and some international free-thinkers) could properly appreciate this.

    NASA had to make an official statement debunking the 2012 apocalypse, and that is nearly as funny :
    Question (Q): Are there any threats to the Earth in 2012? Many Internet websites say the world will end in December 2012.
    Answer (A):The world will not end in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.

      Ok, so, I'm not american, but, actually, I can see Obama doing that. Really, I can. Maybe it's just me.

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