Top 6 Reasons You’re Likely To Be Unfollowed On Twitter

Top 6 Reasons You’re Likely To Be Unfollowed On Twitter

Depending on how narcissistic you are, losing a follower on Twitter might throw you into an out-of-control ice-cream eating binge. Or you’ll just shrug your shoulders… if you notice at all. What’s more interesting is why someone might separate themselves from your social media legion. Too many cat pics? High frequency of toilet tweeting? Let’s see the numbers.

Social media firm SocialToaster ran a series of polls asking 3000 “social media pros” (according to VentureBeat) for their opinions on various aspects of Twitter. Most are related to US affairs, but one that applied more generally asked why these pros might unfollow someone.

Here are the results:

Racism: 73.2 percent
Sexism: 63.4 percent
Porn: 53.7 percent
Repetitiousness: 51.2 percent
Too personal: 39 percent
Poor grammar: 34.1 percent

Turns out the pros pretty discerning, with a low tolerance for common types of discrimination and evidently, exposed genitalia. Obviously, if you’re unintelligible or fail to add variety to your tweets, people aren’t going to hang around either. And yes, no one wants to know the intimate details of your daily ablutions, or how cute your dog/cat/baby/underpants are.


Image: SocialToaster