This Watch Is Like Strapping A Muscle Car To Your Wrist

If you'd rather have a classic Mustang or GTO in your driveway than a Ferrari, you'd probably also prefer MB&F's new Horological Machine No. 5 strapped to your wrist instead of a Rolex. Inspired by the American muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s, the watch presents the time like a series of dashboard gauges that never go faster than 60 ticks per minute.

In fact the entire watch looks like it was assembled from miniature car parts. With the tapered housing being reminiscent of the hood scoop on a roadster, and the series of rear flaps looking like they were borrowed from a classic Mustang.

Visible beneath the watch are its complicated movements that are just as satisfying to look at as a purring V8, and the unique time display is made possible with a sapphire prism that both magnifies and angles the gauges so they're shown vertically. And just like a collectible muscle car, the HM5 will be hard to come by. It's limited to just 66 pieces (a nod to Route 66 presumably) and comes with a price tag of just over $US58,000.

[MB&F via Cool Hunting]

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