This Video Of Planet Earth Will Give You Goosebumps

I just watched this video and still have goosebumps. Seriously. Crank up the volume, make it full screen, play and enjoy. The wonderment overdose is really worth it.

And sure, it's just a compilation of incredible clips showing Earth from every possibly amazing place in the planet , edited to some "everything is wonderful" soundtracks, but screw it, I left my cynic pants at home and my tender parts are all exposed. [Facebook]


    Didn't this used to be a tech blog?

    I'm a soundtrack geek, and I can tell you that the music to this is actually from the motion picture soundtrack for The Island. #nerd

    Apparently only black people are natural.

      and don't forget the white skiers, mountain bike riders, motor cross riders and base jumpers

        You ASSUME they all are white, just because when you can see their skins (which isn't often) they all are...

    Thanks for posting an awesome video giz. So good I watched it twice!

    I think they should have finished at the 4 minute mark. Kind of depressing to see all that natural wonder, then some douche tearing through it on a dirt bike.

    Nice vid Jesus, just what I needed to de-stress at work ! amazing stuff

    Whats with the extreme sports section? Ruined it - crap video link Jesus Diaz.

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