This Skull iPhone Case Is 3D-Printed And A Piece Of Art

We might, at some point, stop being awed by 3D printed products. But that hasn't happened yet, meaning this 3D printed skull iPhone case ($US52) is pretty damn slick.

Not only is it good looking, it's a piece of art. Inspired by "Degeneration", a series by Hugo Arcier that's based on an algorithm that makes faces. You can customise your case by selecting a colour and some personal text. And it's a skull so maybe it will scare thieves from swiping your iPhone. [3DCase via CoolMaterial via Laughing Squid]


    would look sweet with a 3D punisher skull on the back

    $52 USD!!!!?!?!??!?!?!! Ok it is for an Apple product but really?

    I'm getting one of these babies...

    A phone that needs a cover? That's so yesterday

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