This Is The Exact Date When Our Computer World Ends

The world didn't end last Friday just like the world didn't end in the year 2000, with failing computers deleting bank accounts and crashing aeroplanes. That doesn't mean the world isn't going to end. It will. And if we keep our current operating systems, this is the exact date when all goes poof: 15:30:08 UTC on December 4th of the Year of Our Lord 292,277,026,596.

That's when "the Unix time stamp will exceed the largest value that can be held in a signed 64-bit integer." Unix is what powers most of the computing systems that are vital for human life on Earth, from banks to medical life support systems to electric grids to satellites to the internet. And your iPhone and Android phone too.

Of course, none of the crap today will ever reach the year 292,277,026,596. Not because you forgot to put on that stupid case on your phone but because Earth may not be around by then. The Sun would have destroyed it about 7,900,000,000 years from now. That's when our home star will reach its maximum diameter as a Red Dwarf, destroying Mercury, Venus and, most probably, Earth.

However, don't worry about that End of the World either. Theoretically, we will be long gone by then, according to the futuristic theories by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. He says that, about 100,000 years to 1 million years from now, Humanity will be a Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale. That means that our civilisation will be "capable of interstellar travel, interstellar communication, galactic engineering and galaxy-scale influence." And in five to 50 million years humans will colonize the entire Milky Way, even if we never achieve faster-than-light interstellar travel capabilities.

At that point we will be able to harness the entire energy of the galaxy and your smartphone will still be ticking thanks to its little Unix heart.

So the Y292,277,026K will be real at one point. Perhaps we would have abandoned Unix at that point, but you never know. It was invented 43 years ago and it's still the best, most solid operating system ever created. Good enough to survive the entire Universe according to the Big Rip theory, which predicts everything will be over when the Universe reaches an infinite scale 20 billion years from now.

But then again, if the Chandra X-ray Observatory -- powered by Unix! -- is correct about the speed in which galaxy clusters are moving away from us, the universe will not end then but much, much later.

Not that you or I will be around to see any of this, anyway. So -- whatevs! Back to reading random Wikipedia pages out of pure boredom. [Timeline of the Far Future]



    "the Year of Our Lord"
    The year of your lord maybe..!

      stupid bloody relegious nuts. If we are ever going to survive to become a type III civ, we will fist have to get rid of all the people who still have imaginary friends.

      There is someone I work with who is a real churchie. She was worying to a friend of hers about her son who has imaginary friends and talks to them and she is woried she might need to take him to see a shrink about it. She didn't take it well when I pointed out to her that she may want to see a shrink about her own preocupation with imaginary friends.

        I guess it does not occur to either of you, that you may in fact be wrong?

        Typical arrogant, ignorant and hypocritical atheists.

        Your arrogance is hypocritical, yet ironically you are unable to see this, leading to your ignorance.

          Yep. Anti-religious nuts are even more annoying than religious nuts, and I'm not even religious.

            Errr... You're all kind of odd for not picking up on what is clearly sarcasm from the author. Also you're all annoying as I don't care if you believe in something or not. Just don't annoy or harm anyone else's personal space or body and we'll be alright.

            I much prefer being an anti religious nut than a religious one, at least common sense is on my side. At least, I'm pretty sure there's no all seeing all knowing magician in the sky that grants wishes if you prey to him.

              How do you define "common sense"? if you base it on the notion that the majority of people would agree your answer to a question that you propose to them, then your argument is invalid.

              Let us look at this scenario.

              I would believe that the majority of people would agree that jumping into a meat grinder is not a good idea, therefore you could argue that it is 'common sense'.

              What however, if the majority of people thought that a God existed? It would then (following on from the previously established logic), be considered 'common sense' to believe in a God.

              So to say that you have 'common sense' on your side, is in actual fact saying that you believe that the majority of people agree with you. Now, look back in history at all the things that people used to believe, that have been since proven wrong (also look at everything we don't know).

              My point is that you do not actually have 'common sense' on your side at all. You have a group of people who are like minded, and who are in the minority - world wide. There are far more people who have a religious background across the world, then those who do not.

              Please tell me what leads you to believe that there is no higher power out there.

                there may be for more people with religious backgrounds, but most of them with different religions, most for them to be true, all or most of the other religions would have to be false.

                It's not 'common sense' to believe in God, it's a personal choice. You don't get any advantages out of believing or not believing in him. However, 'common sense' applies to not jumping in meat grinders, because the main advantage of it is that you don't die.

                Please tell me what leads you to believe that there is no higher power out there.
                Do you really want to start me on this one? Do you?

                I'm not going to tell people what to believe, nobody has the right to do that, but I believe that the world would be a far FAR better place if religion were no longer a thing.
                Hell, we could all be flying around in our private space ships today if it weren't for the dark ages...

                I'll leave you with this...

                Please tell me what leads you to believe that there is a 'higher power' out there, even when you cannot give me a skerrick of evidence that such a being exists?

                Just because there is something, doesn't mean there is someone.

                  So your answer to my question is to ask it back?

                  Well, let us jump on this merry-go-round again then shall we?

                  I ask you to prove God does not exist, you ask me to prove God does exist. Every argument you have, i could argue the point right back.

                  For example, you say that if we did not have the dark ages, we could potentially be flying around in our own spaceships - maybe, maybe not. Perhaps if we did NOT have the dark ages, we might have advanced to the point where our desire to kill each other is 200 years from now, and in fact we would have already killed each other off due to advances in weaponry. Maybe America would not have been the dominant power, and China would have been.

                  Who knows eh, but at the end of the day, just because something 'bad' happened, does not mean that if it did not happen, that would have been for the better.

                  Last edited 28/12/12 3:19 pm

                  I am not telling you what to believe, just explaining why I can no believe as you do.

                  Also, the argument of 'Prove God Doesn't Exist' is ludicrous, and if you are trying to get people to see your point of view, is a very poor argument.
                  You end up with Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monsters.


                  I guess you dont see the irony in your comment then: "the argument of 'Prove God Doesn't Exist' is ludicrous".

                  My point is (and no, i am not trying to get anyone to take a side), that the people who believe in God are an unstoppable force, and those who do not believe in God are an immovable wall. It is a paradox, as to prove one you must disprove the other. This is an impossible task - using the confines of material existence.

                  people who believe in God are an unstoppable force, and those who do not believe in God are an immovable wall. Ahh, I see I was wasting my breath. Some people just don't get it. I'm not saying that what you believe in is ridiculous (Even though I truly, at the core of my being, believe it is ridiculous), I'm saying your argument is erroneous.
                  But it is not your faith, or your argument that is the issue here anymore. It's you. You are obviously an idiot.
                  An 'Unstoppable Force'? A force of what? For what purpose? Why are you unstoppable? Is this a kind of holy war? What is your point here? What are you trying to say?
                  Better yet, don't answer my questions, because your answers will be some crap completely irrelevant to the conversation.


                It's really quite pointless to argue with you, your mind is closed and nothing will change it. Believe what you want, just don't preach, because nobody with common sense is going to listen to you.

              Timmahh, you can't be an anti-religious 'nut' if your decision not to believe in any deity is based on the religious believers' complete absence of evidence to prove the contrary. Sounds you've got perfectly good common sense & the ability to reason right there. Complete opposite of being a 'nut'.

              It's weird how religious people trust pretty much all forms of peer-reviewed result-repeatable science and use it day-to-day in their lives, but just have this gaping black hole of reason when it comes to religion.

          Ouch. So others fail to see they might be wrong, but you don't need to? Convenient.

        Gotta say my comment was tongue in cheek, and not meant to incite religious fervour. I am a devout Athiast, but I wasn't trying to be over the top with it here.

      "The Year of Our Lord" = "anno Domini" = "AD".

      So, yes, "the Year of Our Lord" (although CE - "common era" - would've been better).

        Ugh, don't get me started on CE. What a load of bollocks.

      He might be being sarcastic seeing as his name is Jesus.

      oh it's just a figure of speech. The current year is also supposedly a mark of Jesus' birth. Calling it 2012 doesn't make me a religious nut (I'm quite the opposite) does it?

      Have you ever used the term 'BC' to refer to ancient events, forgetting to add the important 'E' that makes it 'Common Era'? Does that make you a religious nut?

      For goodness sake everyone.

      Edit: basically ashley said it a lot better.

      Last edited 28/12/12 3:22 pm


    "Not that you or I will be around to see any of this, anyway. "

    Speak for yourself. I plan to live forever, or die trying!

    Don't click on the link at the end of the article [Timeline of the Far Future]... It will mean the end productivity for the rest of the day.

    Great article, however, the Sun becomes a red GIANT, not a red dwarf, which is a very different thing!

      One is a very funny British sci-fi comedy. The other is a type of star.

    "100,000 years to 1 million years from now" - That's a pretty big margin for error!

    $10 says we off ourselves by global thermonuclear war.


      If we don't get rid of releigon we probably will.

        Yes, because no wars ever had secular reasons like access to resources or desire for power or control...

      I thought the same about the 5 to 50 million year scale for Milky Way colonization...
      "Yes boss, I'll have that report for you in 30 to 300 days."

    computing systems that are vital for human life on Earth - I'm pretty sure we survived before computers and I'm pretty sure we would survive without them

      Ah yes, but at what LEVEL? 2/3 of what we do in the "civilised" world is controlled by computers. Remove them and can we survive? Sure, but not at this level of civilisation.

    "...everything will be over when the Universe reaches an infinite scale".
    Um, you can't "reach" infinity.
    Oh, and all you atheists, please stop telling me what you don't believe.
    I get it.
    I'm keen to hear what you *do* believe.
    Then we can talk!

      I believe that our perception of 'nothing' is incorrect. Everything that does exist,continues to exist and will exist is the result of nothing happening.

      Then again, I have no great desire to find out where the universe came from because I simply don't care. All I care about is exploring it -- finding alien life and then watch us futilely go to war with it over some nonsensical BS which ultimately doesn't matter.

      IE: You believe in god and I do not. How does you believing what you do and I believing what I do possibly effect one another on any scale? It doesn't, unless we argue. And I don't intend to argue with you (or anyone) about the existence or non-existence of god.

      I have better things to waste my time on that frivolous debates. I'd hope everyone else does too. (Nothing against you personally. Just added a nice place to drop in my thoughts.)

    Shouldn't we worry about 2038 first?

      No, 1901 is the new 2038.

      Last edited 28/12/12 12:48 pm

      Should have just upgraded to 64bit

        Biggest problem will be embedded systems (as the wiki page says).

        In 2038 it wouldn't surprise me if there are businesses STILL using Windows XP

          Ah yes. I'm no systems expert, but shouldn't a simple fix be to write a piece of code to re-write the start date at the end of the counter?

      Not really. If anything was still 32-Bit then, it should be destroyed.

        like iPhoto

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