This Is Now The Coolest Microwave Of All

Sure, this other microwave is "the most beautiful", and it certainly is "classy", "modern" and maybe even "timeless". But this microwave is a god damn dome. And because it's a dome, it wins it all. It wins microwaves.

The Fagor Spoutnik has two major things going for it: it's called the Spoutnik and it has a dome cover. Also, sike, it has three things going for it: it comes in lots of wacky colours. Green! Purple! It does everything you'd expect from a microwave — cooking things, cooking things with a timer, etc — but it does all of it under a dome. This does serve some functional purpose besides being a sweet rainbow dome: you can get a 360-degree view of what you're cooking, and fit odd-shaped foods that might not fit in a rectangle. The microwave used to be a symbol of Space Age luxury — and now that it's no longer a luxury, we can at least pretend we're living in The Jetsons. [Spoutnik via Appliancist]

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