This Hilarious Video Shows Everything That's Annoying About Instagram

Because we're all egomaniacs who like to moonlight as artistic geniuses and because damn near everybody uses Instagram, the filtered photo sharing social network has devolved into a thumb scrolling exercise of the same freaking pictures: clouds, city skylines, feet, coffee art, food, walls, babies, sneaky boobs and anything to turn a like. This CollegeHumor parody video (to the tune of Nickelback, double parody ha!) hilariously makes fun of all things annoying with Instagram. I find myself nodding my head to everything (and checking Instagram again and again and again) [CollegeHumor


    The duck was the best bit.

    I really don't understand instagram.

    There's that word 'hilarious' again...

    Last edited 05/12/12 8:15 am

    That was awesome.

    Without Instgram I would never know what my friends had for dinner haha

    I enjoyed that one. Thanks.

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