These Pictures Of NYC From A Bicycle's Perspective Are Totally Breathtaking

There are all kinds of ways to get great, clever pictures. You can strap your DSLR to the frame of your bike and get amazing angles at high speeds, for instance. That's what photographer Tom Olesnevich did with his project "NYC By Bike" and the results are fantastic.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon D40 attached to the bike's frame with a GorillaPod and triggered with a remote, Olesnevich told PetaPixel.

And it only fell off and almost got crushed by an 18-wheeler once! Olesnevich is no stranger to angles like this, and man do they look fantastic. You can see more over at Tom's site. [Tom Olesnevich via PetaPixel]

Images by Tom Olesnevich, used with permission

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