These 3D Paper Illusions Will Do Your Head In

Everyone likes a good illusion. Myself, I'm a sucker for card tricks, but I'll settle for some old-fashioned sleight of hand with a camera, like these optical illusions put together by a fellow called "Djanii". While simple, they still come off as extremely clever.

Each illusion involves the artist placing a cut-out photo onto a table. They then rotate and touch it so you can see that it is indeed just a photo -- much like a magician rolling up his sleeves. Then, they interact with the photo and instead of it being a flat, two-dimensional image, it's suddenly become a real object.

Sure, you could scrutinise each frame, looking for slight changes in positioning and lighting, but on a casual viewing it's seamless.

The artist has a page on Facebook if you'd like to follow their work, though he or she hasn't done much other than this clip.



    Very, very well done. With concentration you can see the cuts because of slight lighting changes but the placement is absolutely dead on.

      I was about to say the same thing :P

    There's no way that's an optical illusion. It's more like clever video editing. I'm guessing the initial part of each video is really a blank piece of paper, with the object added in post-production. The video is cut while the objects are placed, then the objects are manipulated.

      Thank you Captain Buzzkill.

      The paper is never blank. Jump from the second part of the illusions to the first parts, and you'll clearly see a difference in how the objects look (and that the first one is obviously actually printed out for realsies). You're right in that there's video editing, but its only to merge the 2 shots together to create the second illusion of it going from magical 2D to 3D, but the illusion on the paper is real.

      I'm guessing they did the second shots first, then printed out a frame from the second part to do the first parts.

    Sure, you could scrutinise each frame, looking for slight changes in positioning and lighting, but on a casual viewing it’s seamless.

    Call me a cynic but no it's not seamless. Even casual viewing will notice a definite change in lighting when it transitions from a paper picture to the real thing.

    Not saying it's not well done, but it's still pretty obvious.

      Your'e pretty obvious.

      You can't tell with excellent film editing. Try this trick without the camera being stationary.

    Images is taken of the real object in the fixed stationary position..

    Image is shows rotated, not in one cycle he pauses on each slight turn so it's harder for you to pick up, when placed back to original position the camera frame is paused and real products replaces it's position.

    Camera trick not an illusion.

    Impossible to do if camera is not stationary during the processes.

    Logan Booker THNX for posting. (and for adding credits)
    I'm sorry for my (almost) empty facebookpage, but there's a start for everything.
    I will post some new work after the holidays.

    @ all the others; it was my first attempt with this kind of trick (after seeing brusspups video)
    FYI; it was made with my phone and all i did was fade the 2 videos, the light diference between them is the shadow of my arm (pretty stupid) but i think the next one will be better.........

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