The USB Flash Drive More Beautiful Than Your Precious MacBook

Are you head over heels in love with your MacBook? Then why spoil its design with some jacked-up USB tumour? This sleek flash drive is the perfect complement to your beloved Apple hardware, even going so far as to match its silvery finish.

Available in 16GB and 32GB capacities for $US60 and $US82 respectively, these ultra-compact flash drives from Elecom add a bit of stylish extra storage to your hardware. And given their compact cylindrical design sits flush to the edge of your laptop, in theory you'll never need, or want, to remove it. Besides, why would you ever lend it to someone and risk never getting it back?




    Massive price premium for a USB2 drive? No thanks.

      Agreed, USB 3.0 doesn't seem to be making its way into mainstream as much as it should.

    What the hell is the point if you never remove it? May as well just stick a regular SD card in, rather than pay a stupid price like that.

    oh please. you guys need to stop drooling over your ultra design fetish and start using your laptop to actually do something.

      C'mon now, they want to view their photos and play some of their stored music, not do any of that boring stuff like spreadsheets and the like.

    No lanyard, expensive (before we even get to the "Australia tax"), extremely losable. I don't see the point.

    So it's a regular USB stick made to look purdy on a Mac.? I guess they figure Mac Fanboys are willing to pay anything when it comes to peripherals, even if that peripheral will work on any kind of computer..!

      You just need to browse (have a laugh) at the price of MacIDevice accessories to see that it's pretty clear the Apple Lemmings will happily pay whatever the price tag says......such as a $60 16Gb USB stick, if I recall my Sandisk Cruzer 16Gb was $15 from Office Works.
      And the exposed contacts on that thing will not fair well when the user spills their soy latte all over it.

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        It'll fare just fine after a wipe down. Plenty of USB Flash Drives now days have that sort of connector. If anything I imagine it'll be easier to clean an exposed connector as opposed to one that has a full casing around it - something that won't do an awful lot to protect any other USB from liquids if you spill them on the device.

    Heres a kick starter project to produce a flush adapter for putting a micro SD card in the SD card slot. Personally, I consider it a much better option given you can throw a 64GB drive in there and it'll cost about the same as the 32GB USB option here, it's more seamless (I can see this getting caught in a bag) and it uses the SD slot which is I imagine for many far less often use than the USB ports...saves them for something else such as mice or HDDs.

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