The Rube Goldberg That Machine Defies The Laws Of Physics

Taking the Rube Goldberg to a whole new dimension, the wizards (assuming magic plays a big part in this) at 2D House have created this complex chain reaction that seemingly ignores and laughs at the laws of the universe that govern our daily existence.

Balls that roll uphill? Ladder climbing blocks? It boggles the mind, until you get to the end and realise that magnets and optical illusions play a big part in why this Rube Goldberg video is all kinds of awesome. [2D House via Neatorama]


    Seriously... do you guys even proofread your articles at all any more?

      Seriously... do you even proofread your unadulterated rage at all any more?

      So anyway, typos or not. That does look very cool. Even though it's not a proper example I do like the one in OK GO's "This too shall pass" clip..

        Replying to your remark with something either witty, thoughtful, factual or a combination of all the above would probably be met with even more juvenile retorts. Here's a video of a cute fluffy kitten to settle your raging teenage hormones.

    It's like dyslexia, but with words instead of letters.

    Maybe they're not ''laws'', they're ''guidelines''...?

    I guess we inspired them...

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