The New Essential Apps November 2012

The New Essential Apps November 2012

iPhones. iPads. Android. Windows Phone. We’ve updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favourites, some long-awaited arrivals and even more amazing apps. Check them out!

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The Best iPhone Apps November 2012

Beamr: The problem with uploading your iPhone pics to Facebook? It scales down the quality by a lot. But Beamr lets your snaps hold onto all their precious pixels, and shares them to your social networks in a lovely magazine-style format. Free. [clear]

Expedia: Travel can be totally stressful, so the easier it is to book everything the better. Now Expedia will let you book both hotels and flights in the same app. (The old version was just hotels). On to your next vacation! Free. [clear]

RoadTrippers: Long ago, when we hit the road, we’d — gasp — print out directions. Screw that. Instead, plan a route with RoadTrippers. It tips you off to points of interest and even gives turn-by-turn directions so you never have to stop at some sketchy petrol station and ask where you are. Free. [clear]

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The Best Android Apps November 2012

GoPro: Have a GoPro? Now you can control it from your Android phone. You can check out your own videos as well as EXTREME CLIPS others have uploaded. Free. [clear]

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos: If you stash your stuff with Amazon, you’ll want to download this, a standalone photo storage app for Android. Perks include 5GB of free storage and uploading entire albums at a time from your phone or tablet. Free. [clear]

SmartGlass: The wait is over. Download SmartGlass to control your Xbox from your phone. Basically you never have to leave your couch ever again. Free. [clear]

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The Best iPad Apps November 2012

Etsy: Whether you’re looking for some artisan beard oil or a vintage leather backpack, you can probably find it on Etsy using its new iPad app. It will also suggest sellers and items it thinks are particularly good and provide you with how-to videos you can beam to your TV using AirPlay. Free. [clear]

Dropcam: A few weeks ago we spent a few days following Franky the turtle crawling around a pet store on Dropcam. The video monitoring service/nanny cam now has an iPad app, which, thank god because that turtle is too damn entertaining. You can also watch other feeds, or if you have an actual Dropcam Camera, you can keep tabs on your own home or business. Free. [clear]

Butterball Cookbook Plus: How do you make a Christmas goose? This app has all the culinary know-how you need, complete with step-by-step voice controlled instructions. And once the holidays are done, it’ll give you recipes for the rest of the year. $5.49. [clear]

Path: The anti-overshare social network’s iPad app just launched with some tablet-exclusive features like landscape view, which shows you all the news from just today in a beautiful, picture heavy, tile-like design. And of course, you can still post things like what you’re eating, who you’re with, and where you are, but your audience is limited to your actual friends as opposed to everyone you’ve met, ever. Free. [clear]

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The Best Windows Phone Apps November 2012

Audible: Like passing the time with audiobooks? Find thousands of titles on Audible, as well as eight samples to get you started. Free. [clear]

Metrogram: So your Windows Phone doesn’t have Instagram. Bummer. But you can still look at updates from your friends on this WP client. Free. [clear]

Flixter: This is a must-have for movie lovers. Find showtimes, cast information, and save the flicks you want to see later. Free. [clear]

Google+: If you’re using Windows Phone and Google+, you’re doubly unique. And now you have an app to do all your alternative social networking. Free. [clear]

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