The Most Useless Machine Gets Even More Useless

You remember The Most Useless machine, right? The one that encapsulates our entire interaction with technology by boiling it down to a zero-sum back and forth that ends in a meltdown? Well here's its big brother.

This is certainly a more impressive iteration on the same idea — and one that seems to have infinite stamina and patience — but the real question is whether that makes it more or less useless. I mean, nothing's getting done, but is eight times the nothing more nothing or less nothing? Does nothing matter? Does nothing matter? Whatever the case, this machine is really good at what it does: nothing. [Hack a Day]


    I swear the editors are starting to read Cracked, this machine was featured in an article a few days ago.

    I like the first one better. The Matrix music combined with the eventual robot flip out made it entertaining.

    This one has some interesting programing, as it only flips switches that the human flips, but also does them in order, even going backwards every time the human flips a switch that's behind it. But without the dramatic tantrum, it's just not as fun.

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