The Most Important Events Of 2012 In 16 GIFs

The Most Important Events Of 2012 In 16 GIFs

“GIF” is officially the word of the year, so it’s only appropriate to use it as a lens through which to view the most important events of 2012. From the Costa Concordia to the Presidential election to Hurricane Sandy, this is your year in GIFs.

January 14.Costa Concordia

January 19Kim Dotcom gets bustedMegaupload servers are closed

March 6.

May 18Facebook debutsbiggest (or at least most decried) IPO disasters

July 15Gangnam Style

July 27.

August 6.

September 7.

The Most Important Events of 2012 in 16 GIFs

October 14.jumps from 127,000 feet all the way back down to Earth

October 15through the streets of Los Angeles

October 29.causing billions in damage and killing more than a hundred people

November 6.

November 12.deported to Miami

November 29.

December 11successfully launches a rocketstill tumbling uncontrollably through space.

December 14