The Luckiest Kids Ever Go To School In A Repurposed Plane

There are two things for certain with this old Georgian Airways Yakovlev Yak-42 that's been turned into a pre-school. The kids attending this kindergarten officially have no reason to ever complain about having to go to school. And Kindergarten Plane actually sounds like an entertaining Schwarzenegger film. "This summer flight school will never be the same."

Purchased by the head of the Institute of Georgian-Ukrainian Social Relations to make school more awesome, the plane has been outfitted with desks and toys on the inside, and playground equipment surrounding it. And while probably not the safest choice, the cockpit has been left completely intact giving the kids an endless amount of gears, knobs, and levers to play with/choke on. [Straits Times via EcoChunk via Notcot]

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