The Lego Back To The Future Set Is Now OFFICIAL!

The Lego Back To The Future Set Is Now OFFICIAL!

It’s official, people. We won! The Lego Back to the Future — one of the Holy Grails of Lego — is going to be an official set! The fans have spoken and Lego has approved it. They are going to produce it for everyone to buy it! Yes, i’m so excited.

Just like it happened to the Lego Minecraft set, the BTTF Cuusoo project received enough votes to be reviewed. Unlike other proposed models, this one was approved because it has high playability and it’s a universally known and beloved property.

We don’t know the price or what it is going to include yet, but at least we will have the basic DeLorean, Marty and Doc Brown. It wouldn’t take many more pieces to make the other versions from the same set, so I think it is not crazy to assume that you will be able to easily build your favourite version.

I’m definitely going to buy this one, and then build the Lego Hill Valley.

And one more thing: the creators have donated their 1 per cent cut to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help fight Parkinson’s disease. I hope Lego matches that 1 per cent.

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