The Flask Tie: Because Drinking On The Job Wasn't Easy Enough

No longer do the office drones of the world have to bury their hooch deep inside a drawer, or hide it inside a hollowed-out annual report. This stylish microfibre neckcessory known as the Flask Tie has a 180mL pouch hidden in the longer hanging part and an straw tucked away in the short bit.

The flexible TieBladder probably isn't ideal for storing hot liquids like an emergency coffee, but everything else is up for game. And to eliminate the chance of spills, the drinking spout uses a self-sealing valve so it's only gong to dribble when you want it to. How else are you going to make the work day a little easier to take for just $US25? It's just too bad the company doesn't make a bladder-filled scarf for the ladies.

[Flask Tie via Geekologie]

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