The Cameras And Settings That Captured This Year's Best Photos

Every year, Reuters publishes a list of its best photography, and you'll recognise plenty of the 95 iconic images that capture this year's biggest news stories. One keen Redditor, however, wanted to know more — so analysed the EXIF data of all the images to find out how they were captured.

The result, put together by hallbuzz, is a sorted pool of data which reveals which cameras, lenses and settings were used by the Reuters photographers to snap the best images of the year. Fortunately, PetaPixel points out that another user, mathiasa, took the data and turned it into a bunch of charts. Let's take a look.


Prime lenses

Zoom lenses

Shutter speed



All of which suggests that the most likely kit choice for a photograph that made the list would be a Canon 1D Mark IV with a 16-35mm lens attached, using settings of 1/320 shutter speed, f/2.8 and ISO 200. So now you know what to use to snap images like a Reuters photographer. [Reuters and Reddit via PetaPixel]


    So can we extrapolate that Canon has ~90% market-share in professional circles?

    I call D800 as a winner of this .... camera came out mid year and its already 26% :)

    but over all its kind of makes me think that everyone should be shooting landscapes

    That's the Canon 5D II at 26.4 %.

      Thanks for that, my colour challenged eyes had trouble discerning which was which. Good to see my 1D IV was king this year.

        Yeah, it'd be nice if they used something on top of the colours seeing as so many of them are so similar.

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