That Ghost-Girl Lift Prank Just Got A Terrifying Sequel

As a follow-up to its terrifying Ghost in the Elevator prank, Programa Silvio Santos is back with another way to terrify Brazilians who apparently don't know the correct way to transport a coffin.

The original video has already been seen millions of times, but both of these pranks were probably shot before the first went viral. Even so, propping up a coffin vertically in a lift should raise countless flags, but the prank is apparently still believable enough to scare unsuspecting riders out of their minds. And next week you can probably expect them to install a tiny cemetery in the same lift, complete with gravestones and zombies rising from the dead. [YouTube via Geekologie]


    Errr, I like a good joke as much as the next guy, this one... this one is borderline cruelty. Don't try this with someone who has a heart condition guys!

    Um, This is not "borderline cruelty", it's simply wrong. There is a world of difference between making someone feel uncomfortable and and then watching them laugh at themselves as in candid camera skits etc and simply hurting someone so others can laugh at them. Why don't we just go up to people and tell them their wife/husband has just been killed in a road accident and then say, "Surprise, it was just a joke! Hah Hah, Hah"?

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