Telstra: We're Not In Bed With Kogan

That rumour about Ruslan Kogan starting his own low-cost telco service on the back of Telstra's wholesale 3G network looks like it's dead before it even got off the ground. That's the word according to Telstra, anyway.

Following the story today, Telstra came out and denied its involvement with Kogan in no uncertain terms:

Telstra Wholesale is not in partnership or any other direct relationship with Kogan. Telstra Wholesale provides 2G and 3G mobile services based on a reseller model whereby it supplies mobile services to wholesale customers who then sell to their retail service provider customers and/or retail to their own end users.

Telstra also provided some clarity about the network that it wholesales. I know a few of you were confused, so here it is:

The 3G mobile services which Telstra Wholesale resells use parts of Telstra’s 3G mobile network and provides a 3G coverage footprint of 97 per cent of the Australian population with a typical download speed of 550 kbps-3Mbps and upload speed of 300kbps-1Mbps (peak network download speed of 7.2Mbps).
This is different to Telstra’s NextG mobile service. End user speeds will also vary due to factors such as device capabilities, location, distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware & software configuration, download source/upload destination and network management measures.

So while Kogan might be pushing to start his own low-cost telco, it's certainly not with Telstra.



    But it will be with Vodafone if he knows which vendor is best (except Telstra that is !)

      Optus and Vodafone are just as bad as each other honestly in the major cities. Outside of the major cities though Optus is far better than Vodafail.

        This. Vodafone hardly works anywhere outside of decent sized cities/towns.

    It is Telstra Wholesale network....

    He might as well go with Vodafone, that way, can be best friends, A Terrible network to go with a Terrible place of business, to be polite.

    Hey Luke, you have SERIOUS mud on your face: Do some real research before you publish your next article.

      Pointing me to a link I reported on this morning and saying I have mud on my face is adorable. Get some perspective.

        Luke, you're a sneaky one aren't you. You didn't release my comment for over 5 hours, and then only released it when you published a new article. By the way, 3:30pm doesn't constitute "morning" by any definition. Facts are facts, you have MUD ON YOUR FACE. Re-read the last sentence of your article, then look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe, for your next article you should do some more research.

    And look at that, is live. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 6GB of data for $29 a month.
    Kogan is likely to have gone through another company that wholesales the TW 3G product

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Sure, you're not getting the Next G speed, but since when do you need that speed for simple apps? If you want to download movies or music, go for the Next G service - but if you're like most users who download simple emails, send lots of Whatsapp messages, play games that are turned based (and therefore don't need bandwidth for connecting with other users) or use specific apps for getting around town, 1Mb/s will do just fine. You only need the extra oomph for big stuff like music and movies, but if you're already budget conscious, this plan is just right.

    That's funny, it's not what Kogan's terms & conditions are saying...
    1.2 Suppliers of the Service
    1.2.1 Kogan Mobile supplies the Service to you.
    1.2.2 Telstra Wholesale supplies the underlying service to us.

    Last edited 12/12/12 8:28 pm

    Not very good at researching are you Luke. Always knew this site was crap.

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