New iPad Apps: TableTop Translator, Book Of Sarth, Tumblr

New iPad Apps: TableTop Translator, Book Of Sarth, Tumblr

There are a lot of beautiful things from this past week. From two interactive books to a translator tool, there is plenty to keep you busy in the iPad apps of the week.

Tumblr: Yes, Tumblr has had a mobile app. But it hasn’t had an iPad-optimised version until now. Find all the GIFs your heart desires in the larger screen format of your favourite place to find pictures of Kim Jong-il looking at things. Free. [clear]

Tabletop Translator: So you want to have a conversation with a person who speaks another language. It’s kind of hard. But this app is meant to be shared between two people who are talking. You don’t have to type anything, it listens to you and automatically interprets for the other person. So even if you’re speaking Spanish and the other person is speaking French, you can still chat. $2.99. [clear]

Book of Sarth: I wouldn’t mind rolling a j before playing with this trippy app. It’s an immersive album/book with art from seven different artists and music from Sarth Calhoun. You can totally loose yourself in it. $8.49. [clear]

Snow Queen: We all know the story of the Snow Queen, the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. But you’ve never seen it like this. It’s beautifully illustrated with interactive aspects. For example, on one page you can make snow flakes fall. Hunkering down for the winter is not this lovely in real life. $5.49. [clear]