Steve Jobs' Yacht Is Free To Sail After Being Repossessed

Last week we reported that Steve Jobs' yacht, Venus, had been repossessed in the Netherlands at the behest of designer Philippe Starck, who claimed that the Jobs family owed him three million Euros. Classy move, Starck. Well, the yacht is now free to sail again.

Le Monde reports that the Jobs and Starck camps have been able to come to an agreement over the money that Starck says he's owned.

"The Venus is not under arrest " , said Gérard Moussault, the Dutch lawyer of the heirs of the founder of Apple : "A solution has been found and a guarantee has been deposited in a bank account so that the boat can leave " said Mr. Moussault, refusing to specify the amount of the guarantee.

Obviously, there's a certain ambiguity about what exactly Starck will be paid, but what's important is that the boat is free to sail and that Jobs' legacy isn't tied up in a cash grab. [Le Monde]


    what’s important is that the boat is free to sail and that Jobs’ legacy isn’t tied up in a cash grab.

    Firstly, a legitimate contract dispute is hardly a 'cash grab'. Secondly, I would have thought that Steve Jobs' legacy was the iPhone, iPad and iPod, not a ship that somebody else built and he just paid for. And finally, I think Steve has been dead long enough that you don't have to bitch out Phillippe Starck for opening the dispute.

      Hear hear, well said.

      +2. Being paid what you're owed isn't a cash grab. It's being paid what you're owed!

    Exactly how is Starck being a dick, Mario?

    Would you allow Giz to publish your articles if you weren't getting paid for them? Didn't think so.

      Mario is a dick. I'll BET he's a Yank.

      Last edited 28/12/12 5:16 am

    Would you go to work for a year with no pay ?

    Classy move Mario.

    I expected this article from Jesus Diaz, not from you Mario.

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