Spin Magazine Is Finally Dead, Long Live Spin Online

Spin Magazine Is Finally Dead, Long Live Spin Online

Subscribers to Spin Magazine got a letter in the mail yesterday informing them that the print version of the magazine had ceased publication. We knew this was coming when the rag was put on hold earlier this year, and now it will officially never be published again, we couldn’t be happier to see Spin be relevant again.

The Daily Swarm reports that that Spin subscribers are receiving letter informed that the magazine was dead and that the rest of their subscription would be fulfilled with — wait for it — issues of Car and Driver. Ew. Car and Driver, really? Here’s the letter:

Shortly after acquiring Spin over the summer, Buzzmedia announced that there would be no November/December issue of Spin, but the company was downright cryptic about whether or not there would be print Spin in the future. Well,

Sad as we are to see the mainstream music monolith go the way of Newsweek and countless other magazines, this really is the best way for this type of information to be served. If music blogs have taught us anything it’s that breaking culture news and reviews should be read instantly when they’re most relevant. The magazines just couldn’t keep up with the speed and niche targeting of blogs.

For all its august history, Spin spent the last decade one-step behind the story and it was publishing with a voice too general for anybody to really care. At the same time, Spin online has been getting constantly better — if you haven’t noticed go check it out. [The Daily Swarm]