Skitch Update Might Make Doodling On Screen Captures Fun Again

Skitch Update Might Make Doodling On Screen Captures Fun Again

Skitch is a wonderful screenshot annotation tool. Or at least it was until version 2.0 of the application rolled out this past September. Despite a cleaner look, version 2.0 eliminated many of the features that made us love the app.

Well, version 2.0.3 brings back some of the older and easier sharing features people liked, as well as some new improvements that might just make Skitch a winner again.

The biggest complaint we heard about Skitch 2.0 was that sharing URLs was a pain because of their length. This particular change came about after Evernote acquired the company and the thought process there was that it would provide more security. (Longer URLs are harder to stumble upon by accident.) You’ll now be able to set your preferences so that the application generates short URLs if you’d like.

Skitch has also added a bunch of new tools and usability options that will hopefully help compensate for the other big problem people had with version 2.0: It wasn’t fun anymore. Version 2.0.3 allows you to select custom colours, more options for the size of drawing tools.

But Skitch is also striving to be the super flexible ultra sharing tool so that you can share your annotated image in every imaginable way: Facebook, Twitter, email, direct URL, HTML code, FTP uploads, etc. All the new sharing options are actually kind of complicated. It almost makes us wish we hadn’t complained.

Back in November, the co-founder Skitch wrote a mournful blog post apologising to users for breaking Skitch. He promised to fix it, and here is that fix. If you want to try it out click the download link on the blog post with a full rundown of changes. So far the update hasn’t yet pushed to the Mac App Store. [Evernote]