Sexting On Snapchat Isn't As Safe As You Think

You might want to stop sending photos of your junk to other people on Snapchat. It's not as private as you think. And it could ruin your life if you don't know what you're getting into.

For those of you who don't know, Snapchat is a photo SMS service that lets you set the lewd photo you irresponsibly beamed across town to self-destruct after just a few seconds. Its popularity is easy to explain: People want to send other people compromising photos of their private parts without any of the inconvenient downsides like getting dumped or being forced to step down from Congress. You get to send gross photos to others and those photos never end up on our blog. Everybody wins, right? RIGHT?

Nope. As Ms Notopoulos at Buzzfeed reports, all Snapchat users have public profiles that list the people they talk to most. Here's a screenshot, for example, of Sam's Snapchat profile:

It's easy to find these profiles. They're located at

Now, let's pretend Sam has a girlfriend and digs up this profile. What if she is not one of the people on this list? She'd probably be really upset — because what the hell do you use Snapchat for if not send others photos of your special naughty areas. This public profile could make it so nobody would want to see Sam's private parts in real life. Oops!

So be warned, you perverts. If you're being bad on Snapchat, you're going to get found out. Just because we can't see the photos doesn't mean we don't know you're a creep. [Buzzfeed]



    Who's going to ask who you're sending photos to anyway? You could just lie and say you sent a bunch of stupid ones to your mates? I know I have. Sent about 10 stupid faces to my sister alone and another 5 to my friend.

    "Just because we can’t see the photos doesn’t mean we don’t know you’re a creep. " Defending this app is kinda like just because I'm hanging out under the bleachers doesn't mean I'm looking up girls skirts, I'm just picking up trash for the bin. Yeah sure the app is for "stupid faces" , yeah right.

      Making this argument is like supporting PIPA, SOPA and the governments attempts to store 2 years of your browsing history.

      If your not doing anything wrong then you shouldn't care.

      If your using an application we assume is being used for nefarious and potentially illegal reasons yet there is a legitimate use for you still forfeit your rights to privacy and we will assume you are guilty.

      What are you insecure and checking your boyfriend or girlfriend has one of these accounts for anyway? Get some self respect, if you don't trust your partner then it is not a relationship.

    Eh, I just screenshot whenever there's a pic that I feel is worth keeping.

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