Samsung’s Navigation Stunt Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Timed

Samsung’s Navigation Stunt Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Timed

Samsung is papering Sydney for 12 hours today with leaflets advertising its Navigon app on the Galaxy S III, two days after Apple was accused of leading motorists into a forest under the assumption that it was the regional town of Mildura.

A pre-mudded four-wheel drive laden with camping gear including tents, matresses and camping stoves is parked at Sydney’s Australia Square with two girls handing out brochures. Ausdroid reports that there’s a Combi Van at Melbourne’s Southern Cross station, too.

“Oops,” the brochure reads, “should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust.”


Despite the fact that Apple is having a hellish week when it comes to navigation, we ask you to use your common sense if you see one of these stunts: this isn’t in reaction to Apple losing Mildura, nor is it a snap-reaction by Samsung made as a bid to further smear Cupertino’s mapping software.

This is a publicity stunt that is weeks in planning. One can’t just park a car on Australia Square overnight, that requires permits which take weeks to approve. It takes days to print these brochures and it takes even longer to get the props organised.

Good fortune rains down on Samsung that the marketing stunt was scheduled to take place on this week of all weeks.

Well played, Samsung.