Samsung's Navigation Stunt Couldn't Be More Perfectly Timed

Samsung is papering Sydney for 12 hours today with leaflets advertising its Navigon app on the Galaxy S III, two days after Apple was accused of leading motorists into a forest under the assumption that it was the regional town of Mildura.

A pre-mudded four-wheel drive laden with camping gear including tents, matresses and camping stoves is parked at Sydney's Australia Square with two girls handing out brochures. Ausdroid reports that there's a Combi Van at Melbourne's Southern Cross station, too.

"Oops," the brochure reads, "should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust."

Despite the fact that Apple is having a hellish week when it comes to navigation, we ask you to use your common sense if you see one of these stunts: this isn't in reaction to Apple losing Mildura, nor is it a snap-reaction by Samsung made as a bid to further smear Cupertino's mapping software.

This is a publicity stunt that is weeks in planning. One can't just park a car on Australia Square overnight, that requires permits which take weeks to approve. It takes days to print these brochures and it takes even longer to get the props organised.

Good fortune rains down on Samsung that the marketing stunt was scheduled to take place on this week of all weeks.

Well played, Samsung.



    I call BS.
    There's no way this was planned in advance...

    The article is right, it takes too much time to get all the permits needed (even a permit to film for a indie short film was annoyiong as I found out). To do this as a reaction to the "Mildura incident" someone in City Hall would have ot be be accepting bribes and someone at Samsung would have to be offering them.

      So the 16th of November would be weeks enough i take it?

      Just cause it hasnt blown up to all media earlier doesnt mean it hasnt been talked about before.

      I'm sure they could speed that up if they throw enough cash at it.. something Samsung have plenty of

    Keep sledging Apple, they sure deserve it. I've gone back to using Google maps on my Apple devices.

      Never trusted google maps on iphones either, I only trust mapping companies like Garmin and TomTom, to which their core business is giving digital directions, so it's in their best interest to update and fix it constantly to retain their users (unlike Nokia, Samsung, Google, Apple ect it's not core business to any of them, so I feel that trickles down to the mapping apps that come free with most phones, you get what you pay for), half of my street is a oneway street, part of it is both direction traffic, apple's ver of google maps tried to tell me to drive up the wrong way on the one way part of the steet. Nuff said, most gps's will fail this test, TomTom and Garmin are the only ones I have seen telling me correct directions for navigating out of my own street!

        You don't know how to navigate out of your own street?

    Well played, Samsung, indeed! Well played.


      Yeah I really like this, but agree there is no way this stunt was crafted and executed in such a short space of time, and if it was they would have been more likely to have it in Melbourne.

    Hmm Australian Navigon wouldnt work on my Kogan SGN II import .

    Except they are advertising Navigon, instead of just Google Maps. One of the first things i did when I got my S3 was to uninstall Navigon.

      Eh, Navigon is okay, and is at least fairly reliable. Still prefer Google Maps, though.

        I really like Navigon on my S3, though the only thing I've got to compare it to is Metroview which I used to use on my old iPhone. Never used Google maps as I'm pre-paid and rarely buy internet credit.

      For perusing, pre-planning and satellite/street view Google Maps is the way to go. For turn-by-turn navigation, Navigon wins hands down.

    I can't stand these sorts of publicity stunts. I think they're awful and they make me a lot less likely to trust a brand.
    Sill, they've been lucky this week. :)

      That's OK - come try life in the fast lane with the Nokia 920 :)

    Samsung - 1
    Apple - 0

    Beautiful timing.

    I have been using the Australian Navigon map for 3 years now on my iPhones 3GS upgraded to 4.
    All because the google maps with iPhones was crappy for navigation. It needed a fast 3G connection because it didn't cache the maps. Also it didn't do turn by turn.
    I think Apple provides a quality phone with basic out of the box functionality eg Maps, Search etc.

    I believe that's what they focus on and that's good enough for me. It's a tool to help us solve out problems not a tool that will solve our problems for us. Next years phones from any manufacture will make a 2 yr old phone obsolete- the same will apply to the best phones / os from any vendor

      Clearly you are not a Tech-guy, because no one who appreciates technology gets Apple products. Sure, there are a lot of hipsters who fashion themselves as techies, or technically competent, however i am glad to say that this is not the case.

      Android users, or WP7/8 users can be called techies however.

      It is like the person who buy the read-made meal from the supermarket, and call themselves a chef (the apple user), as opposed to the person who purchases all the ingredients, and cooks an amazing meal (android or windows users).

        Wow - holier than thou? I'm a techie, I work in the industry, and have been for years. I've used them all, Windows Mobile (what an awful thing), Windows Phone (polished turd), Android, and iOS. Currently I'm using an iPhone and a Mac Pro (work computer). Do I rant and rave about Apple? No way. I just use what I like, what gets the job done the best, and not force my opinions onto others. I've just been reading your comments in this article, and they're so fan boy it's cringe worthy - even your avatar sets off the alarm.

        Off your high horse. Windows Phone is no god, either. Use what you like, and be quiet about it. Nobody likes a fan boy.

        Wow, what a completely arrogant statement. Stating that someone is more technically competent because of their mobile phone? Really? That's like claiming that people who drive Holdens are better mechanics.

        What's that you say 'All Iphone users are non-technical" what are you retarded? Allow me to retort as I fire up the Unix backend of my iphone 4 and scan your device with nmap for holes and then proceed to pwn your android device with metasploit! As a technical guy, I wouldn't buy a Iphone I couldn't jailbreak and mod to my hearts desire however, I'm no apple zelot, hate Itunes with a passion, hell I mostly use M$ products for desktop and server O/S's. But claiming all users that use apple are non technical is the dumbest statement I have read in very long a while. I know plenty of dumb android users who could do the same job with a 1995 era nokia, but saying all of them are dumb is equally as stupid.

      So, you admit that your iPhone has crappy 3G speeds, wow blow me away! I don't have any issue with anyone using whatever device they like, but to be blind to shortcomings of your device, that I do have a problem with, and it seems to me that the iphone users are all too dumb or too blind mostly to just admit the fact that they have a fashion statement rather than a tech device.

    Unfortunately Samsung was right. I've been using Navigon map travelling from Melbourne to Wollongong via Albury and Canberra. No problems and they got it right.

      To be fair, Melbourne to Wollongong via Albury and Canberra is a pretty simple drive (similar in difficulty to the Eastern Creek to Mascot trip). It's only once you get into the cities themselves that it gets trickier.

    But, you can get Navigon for the iPhone aswell.. Same way you can get TomTom, Sygic, and many other GPS Nav apps.. The fact that its subsidized on the SGS3 means nothing, really.

    There was also a kombi van parked near the front steps of southern cross station in Melbourne with a similar setup yesterday. I get the feeling weeks in advance is more likely than overnight.

      couldnt have come at a better time then

      GG Samsung

    If you're not competent enough to realise that your Navigation Software is not taking you to you desired destination... Then maybe you should just stay home... Fail tourists...

    Takes me back to the whole Gregory's vs UBD debates of the 80's.

    haha this is the kind of marketing creativity that Nokia has always been sorely missing. It's one thing to post in a tech blog - it's quite another to organise something that actually makes an impact to the general public.

    GG Samsung!

    How ever you can orchestrate the whole thing, drop the story to some media outlets just before your publicity stunts. Its pretty easy to manipulate the media for some coverage.

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