Report: Nokia's Windows RT Tablet Will Have Surface-Like Cover

According to a report from The Verge, Nokia is going to out its own Windows RT tablet early next year. That's fine; it would be weirder if they weren't. But what's a little less expected is that the company's elves are hard at work on creating a keyboard cover of their very own.

Rather than clopping atop the display -- like Microsoft's Touch and Type Pads do -- the Nokia cover would surround the entire tablet, like a book cover. It would act as both kickstand and keyboard, work as a backup power source, and have two USB ports for extra connective options.

All of which sounds hypothetically great, but it's hard to get too excited without knowing how much the tablet or its cover will cost. Microsoft ran into some opposition when it decided to sell its keyboard covers separate for over a hundred bucks a pop; if Nokia decided to bundle its clever covers, it would make a strong case for itself. Hopefully we'll know for sure if and when Nokia announces the device at Mobile World Congress this coming February. [Verge]



    If Nokia can basically make a Galaxy Tab 7.7 with WinRT and ideally with Lumia styling, that would be on my shortlist. If it had PureView, wireless charging and full-size USB, it would shoot to the top of the list.

    Don't care about a keyboard cover on such a small device. Just give it bluetooth and proper USB in case I want to attach one.

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