Report: John McAfee Hospitalised After His Asylum Request Is Denied

Report: John McAfee Hospitalised After His Asylum Request Is Denied

Reports are coming in that John McAfee has been taken to the hospital after suffering what his lawyer called “convulsions”. There are conflicting reports about what the specific medical condition is, but we’ll keep you updated as it develops.

Earlier today, Guatemala officially denied his request for asylum. Here is the most recent post from McAfee’s blog, which he phoned in to someone else to post for him:

I just received a phone call from John, asking me to place this post.

“Please email the President of Guatemala.”

I have not once before asked for help for any support for me, it has always been for Eddie and the others that are in jail. Also, Eddie and Cassian are getting out tomorrow, because of your very successful e-mail campaign, and I thank you all.

Now for the first time, I am asking for support for me. Please email the President of Guatemala and beg him to allow the court system to proceed, to determine my status in Guatemala, and please support the political asylum that I am asking for. Please PLEASE be very POLITE in your communications, and I thank you.”

TWEET the President of Guatemala here:



McAfee is still wanted in Belize for suspicion of the November 11 murder of his neighbour. He was arrested last night for allegedly entering Guatemala illegally in hopes of being tried under their judiciary system. We will keep you updated with any updates about his condition and situation. [CNN, WhoIsMcAfee]