Randi Zuckerberg Is Just As Confused By Facebook Privacy As You Are

Randi Zuckerberg shared the above photo of her family -- including Facebook Czar-in-Chief Mark Zuckerberg -- on Facebook. Then it got out into the world, and Randi got all upset about her privacy. Oh, boo hoo, Randi!

The story goes like this: Randi Zukcerberg posted the photo of her family fooling around with Facebook's new Snapchat clone, Poke. When the photo popped up on her newsfeed, Vox Media's Callie Schweitzer thought it was a public Facebook post. Schweitzer subscribes to Zuckerberg's feed and she and Zuckerberg aren't Facebook friends. So Schweitzer posted the adorable picture to Twitter.

Then Randi cried foul that her privacy had been violated. Turns out Schweitzer is friends with yet another Zuckerberg who appears in that photo, and that's why it popped up in her feed. Schweitzer immediately apologised, deleted the original tweet.

But hold the phone Callie! Don't apologise. If Randi Zuckerberg doesn't understand her privacy settings, and how a photo on Facebook might suddenly fly out of control -- that's her problem. Maybe she should read our handy guide to the new Facebook privacy. [Buzzfeed]



    ...and apparently she is a real C U Next Tuesday ...


    "Randi" in my country's language means "prostitute".

    Two words for you Zuckers "who cares!"

    Anyone on the internet should know this..........NOTHING IS PRIVATE.....nothing, I don't care what privacy setting you have.

    I told my kids this........Only Post, say, or do, anything on the internet that you are prepared to print out and stick to the mail box out the front of your house for anyone to walk by and see, because this is exactly what you are doing.

    Lastly, lets say you are paranoid and really do click all of your security settings, check for updates every week, have anti virus........what happens when you sell your computer and all that data on your hard drive you have accrued over the years?

    The only 100% solution to protect your old data is a sledge hammer to your hard drive. :)

      You sir, are retarded.

      actually the sledgehammer isnt 100%
      The only 100% solution is a degausser

    The red lady in the right side ist FAT !

    Certainly not confused about the paycheck are you Randi ?

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