Personal Hovercraft Concept Has No Price, Will Probably Cost Several Limbs

Seeing as Back to the Future-style hoverboards that can a) support the weight of a person and b) move, are a little beyond science right now, this all-terrain hovercraft currently being tossed around at Mercier Jones will have to do.

It's still a concept and seeking a fair chunk of funding, with an earlier attempt on Indiegogo raising a mere $US4000 of the requested $US50,000, but the "targets" for technical specifications will have you crossing your fingers. Mercier Jones hopes to get the thing floating 20cm off the ground and travelling at a top speed of 128km/h, with a cruise speed of 56km/h.

80km/h in 10 seconds should be possible and its 38L tank will last it five hours at cruise speed. Noise-wise, inside it should be about 70db, a bit louder than a normal conversation.

The official site doesn't list a price — even a tentative one — and there's no way to know how far along Mercier Jones is to showing off a working prototype, but we can always live in hope.

[Mercier Jones via Uncrate]

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