Optus Cans Free Social Networking On Postpaid Plans

Attention all social butterflies: Optus this week has confirmed it will no longer give its postpaid customers on a contract free, unlimited access to social networking.

Up until Sunday, Optus offered all customers signing up to a new, two-year contract free and unlimited access to social networking sites. That included Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Foursquare, MySpace and LinkedIn. Optus has now ditched that offer.

Optus tells us that it's about taking strain of its network:

As smartphone popularity continues to rise in Australia, Optus needs to maintain and enhance the network to ensure our customers can get the most out of their devices. Optus seeks to strike a balance between delivering value to our customers and the ongoing network investment required to ensure a good customer experience.

Optus is telling its customers not to be alarmed though. It has a range of measures to take the sting out of social network browsing.

Excess data rates have recently been slashed to half of what they were previously (but this wasn't in response to axing the social media benefits) and top-up data packs can now be purchased and backdated to reduce the cost of excess data charges.

Are you going to miss unlimited social networking?



    Oh well. They are still better than Vodafone.

      hell they are - The Vodafone shops are excellent - the network is better than Optus (Fact) and Vodafone isn't like the M5 at peak times. I have no issues calling / social networking / or anything on Voda. on the other hand my colleague who is on Optus is forever mumbling about how poor the service is and that he cant get data or a line out when he needs it - especially out of town.

      And i work for a Telco.

      Vodafones customer service is still pretty bad. sadly

        Are you high? You're either have not been outside a 2 meter radius of a mobile tower or being paid for these words. 99% of vodafone customers will say the same thing, they are shit, but they are good value. People will gravitate towards money before service, but continue to complain about it.

          Optus is just as shit if not worse than Vodafone. Realistically if you want an awesome network (and crappy customer service) your only option in Australia is Telstra.

          Myself and everyone I knew on Optus would get continual call dropouts, frequent bad lines (Phone calls sounded like Optimus Prime having an orgasm under water), incredibly slow data, and it was pretty much more frustrating using your phone than just leaving the damned thing at home.

          Those of us that could afford it are all on Telstra now, the rest just put up with how crap it is, it hasn't got any better. Thank god for the TIO to get me off that rubbish network.

            Slow data? i can't agree with that.. i'm on their 4G and downloaded at 3.2mb/s.. even their HSPA+ was downloading at 800+kb/s (prior changing to 4G)

            I'm never going Voda, my missus is with them and god it's so terrible.. Telstra is my next when this plan runs out :)

              I left two years ago, but I could frequently use the internet faster on my phone on bloody 2G/Edge than 3G when I did leave.

              that's slow for 4G dude. In Canberra I get 23Mb/s on Telstras 4G (though in the south side of canberra it drops to 3mb/s due to lack of 4G coverage)

                Some parts of vodafone are still crap but in many places i get several mbit on my data, heck ive even gotten over up to 10mbit on some HSPA+ areas which is faster than my damn adsl. Ive noticed a lot of improvement this year.... people should keep the vodafone bashing in context not generic slander, least of all from people who left. In my opinion that just makes you sound like an idiot but hey ill take the bandwidth you dont want. ;)

          99% of people make up statistics!

          99% of Vodafone customers are actually happy inside - they've just been hacked off for so long they haven't actually had the chance to look at their data speeds or call drops

        I kind of agree with you. But in my experience with both Optus and Vodafone, Optus seems slightly better.

          I disagree but thanks - I have a iphone4 connected with Optus and voda - the Optus connection is almost unusable - Vodafone is miles better - not saying it's brilliant but at least i could make a call on Bells line Road a week ago opposed to a 20 min blank out c/o Optus

        I like everything about vodafone except for the fact that I was only connected about 65% of the time.

        Your definition of "fact" is an interesting one. I don't think I've ever heard it used in that way before. Normally it means something that is actual or - at a stretch - something widely believed to be true.

        As the Vodafone network only compares favourably to two cans connected by string - and then only for certain lengths of string, and certainly not the fancy nylon kind - I'm not sure where you're basing your argument.

        This isn't meant to indicate that Optus' network is particularly good, but its users' refrain is typically "at least I'm not on Vodafone".

          Ouch! I've got some aloe vera out back if awallafashagba (or Vodafone) need some help with that burn.

          I'm on Telstra now, but I'd rather be on Vodafone any day than ever go back to the worst network in Australia: Optus.

            Likewise, im on Telstra and VF. I got the Telstra cos VF was really bad for a while there, but i honestly find it prettty decent now. I just use the Telstra for MBB/pocket wifi these days. Some places on voda are definitely not good but its way better than before when i had to resort to getting a Telstra SIM. It will take a long time for voda to change its image/rep tho... us consumers are fickle, lazy, and ignorant.... that being said i guess those same traits apply to me and my thoughts on Optus haha

          What are your experiences currently with Vodafone ? Do you own a connected voda device ? and a Optus connected device ?

        the network is better than Optus (Fact)

        Tell me something, which telco has admitted to their network being sub-par, and has delayed rolling out any 4G in favour of improving its existing 3G so customers can actually use it?

          When I went through the TIO to leave Optus, they admitted their network was not up to scratch but they would be rolling out improvements "in the future" that would address my issues if I wanted to stay and accept a credit to my account instead. They couldn't give me a timeframe though, and my friends on Optus are still dealing with the exact same problems two years later.

            Yeah I'm not saying Optus is amazing or anything, just saying Vodafone is definitely nothing special, and they've admitted it themselves. I grew up out of town and didn't move in until I was 21 so had no choice but to go with Telstra. But since then even living right in town, I've still stuck with Telstra and won't switch. I bought an Optus prepaid wireless USB when I first moved in, to get me by until I got ADSL. Biggest mistake with the constant dropouts etc. And I have a few friends on Vodafone who always have problems too.

            TL;DR: Telstra all the way :)

            Last edited 04/12/12 11:22 am

              And for the record. Telstra today admitted their data network in vic is screwed. Big data holes and call issues. They have when set up a hotline (vodafail style) to assist customers wanting to leave or who are seeking credits. So it's not the fantastic network it once was.

          They are not delaying it so they can make 3G better. They are rolling it out further so when it does launch it won't be in a 20km radius of a major city. Everywhere that has an 850 coverage will have 4g come February. This will make it the biggest 4g network in oz. for example in melbourbe a sth east. Telstra ends at elsternwick, Optus around Malvern. Voda when it launches will go all the way to pakenham and the mornington peninsula. Big difference!!

            I may have accidentally replied to the wrong posters comment lol. #epicfail

        everyone on this site is now dumber for having read what you just wrote

          do you own an Optus connected iphone4 and a Vodafone connected iphone4 ?

          I do.

          Optus is worse.

          fact IMOO

            maybe where you predominantly are it is worse...but overall vodafone is possibly the most useless telco in the western world this side of AT&T

      Vodafone is not half as bad as people make them out to be. I have been with vodafone for 6 years now and have never had an issue. in my area it used to be a bad coverage but they have invested almost $1b upgrading their network. i Have gone from 2 bar to 5 bar signal on my iphones and get coverage pretty much everywhere even in places optus and telstra dont. Customer service isnt all that good but its an indian call centre much like optus's thailand call centre and i dont deal with telsra so i dunno where theirs is. Telstra a loosing their edge and optus has sunk below vodafone.

    Does this only apply to new customers? my wife just signed up with Optus on a two year plan and we selected the amount of data she would need based on free social access. We might have to upgrade the plan if this applies to existing contracts.

      I wonder what this means for existing contracts?

      It's only with new plans, so if you are already on a plan with social networking, then you keep it as long as you are on that particular plan ;) ...

    Really? that sucks, 200MB limit is no longer enough then. How come they didn't notify the existing customers?

      It's doesn't change your existing contract, only new contracts from now on.

    Meh, I've always been with Telstra which doesn't include free social networking to start with. Well there's Tribe and 0.facebook.com, but I'd rather use my data plan than suffer through that free crap.

    It always amazes me how Vodafone have copped so much flack while Optus network is just as crap of not worse and there has been virtually no brand damage to them?

      amazing huh ! but there we go. Do you know Optus is the worst network for data versus cost ?

    Sorry but at here in Adelaide Vodafone barely exists next to the Optus network. Myself and a friend Both have iPhone 5's and I use optus and he uses Vodafone. We often run the speedtest app and he doesn't get anywhere near my results. Plus often he can't even use his phone to show us something as he's got no throughput.

      You do relaise that Vodafone doesnt have 4g up and running yet so comparing data rates is a bit silly. Maybe when Voda launch their 4G network next year then u can compare.....

    For once I applaud Optus. Time for the social network addicts to get a life. How about meeting your friends in person once-in-a-while.

      Yeah, I don't think that's why they've made this change, grandpa.

    I've always been with Optus since my 1st mobile phone in 1996. Never had a beef with network access (maybe my expectations aren't as high as some), but customer service is sketchy, as I believe they all are.

    The bit that stood out of me was that it was due to their network xeperiencing strain.

      Optus network has been experiencing strain since they launched the iPhone 3Gs.

        My point is that this is the first that I have seen that they have admited it. My brother inlaw used tot be with optus. he used to get 2 bars of 3G at his home. Then one day he got no signal. Optus told him it was the phone. He pointed out that it worked fine 500m down the street. The person on the phone all but called him a liar.

        Long story short, 6 weeks down the track after several complaints to Optus and then a TIO complaint, turned out that they had "Shrunk" the foot print of the tower that served my brothers area but didn't want to admit it to avoid having to let him and a dozen others in the area out of their contracts. needless to say they got out of their contracts and got the 2 months of no service refunded. He's moved to Telstra and getting 4 bars of signal.

        Still trying to get him away from the iPhail, but thats another story.

          Optus tried blaming my SIM and phone too, but everyone I knew on Optus had the same issues with different phones, and the phone worked fine on Telstra.

          I'm experiencing this issue right now. I've complained to Optus, told them that 5months ago I had a strong Signal and now I can't even make a phone call from my house but they're blaming the phone and traffic.
          how did you brother get out of his Contract and switch to Telstra?

            first make a complaint to Optus. Make sure its an official complaint, not a fault report. Get a complaint number. If you have already done this you can skip it and go straight to the TIO.

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