Nokia's New Lumia 620: Windows 8 On The Cheap

If you want Windows Phone 8 but are scrabbling for cash, Nokia might have the answer. It just announced its new entry-level handset, the Lumia 620, at a show in Paris — and it's squarely targeted at the budget end of the market.

Filling the bottom end of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 range — just like its predecessor, the 610, did for Windows Phone 7 — its specs are cheap and cheerful, as you'd expect. It offers up a 3.8-inch 800x480 pixel TFT screen, a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Elsewhere, there's the option of expandable storage with a microSD card, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, a front-facing VGA camera, NFC and Bluetooth 3.0. That's it: no retina displays, no 4G, no gazillion-core processors.

It's nothing fancy, but then, it doesn't cost much either. Excluding subsidies and the like, the 620 is set to cost $US250 when it launches abroad early next year. We're still checking on whether or not the device will land in Australia, and how much it will be if and when it does.

If all you want is a phone for calls, light web browsing, email and maps, you could perhaps do a lot worse than this little guy.




    When it will land in Australia - 6 months after it's already outdated.
    How much it will be when it does - 50% more than it should be.
    Length of queue to buy - 0

      Some of these new 'budget' models are looking really good, but as you point out, if any of them ever arrive here for sale they will have $100 jacked on top of the US price making them much less tempting.

      Did you just get off the boat or something? We have a really competitive market here that makes the cost of owning and using a phone quite low overall. No value in paying less up-front if you are going to be charged to receive calls. And as you get a handset thrown in, it doesn't matter what the retail price of it is, does it? But even if you go to eBay and compare prices for Nokia phones locally and overseas, you'll see that the real premium you'll pay is in the order of $20. Hardly double and if you want an unreleased model, like an HTC 8X, you can buy them already from local suppliers at competitive prices, too. There is absolutely no substance to a single word you have written.

        Nexus 4 8Gb, AU$349, USD$299. Why do you suspect this phone will be any different with price parity? MotorMouth perhaps you need to cut down on the steroids too.

          Keep in mind the Aussie dollar isn't doing too bad so you can disregard some of that price gap

            Actually, it's the other way around. The fact that the AUD is going well against the USD means that price difference is actually worse than it looks.

              Exactly, my reference to the Nexus 4 price at today's conversion rate is 299 USD = 285 AUD.

          What is $299+GST? Oh, wait, it's $328.99. So are you telling me that paying an extra $10.01, or 3%, constitutes a rip-off? Grow up.

      Considering the Lumia 610 is $279 unlocked, if they come in at that price point then it's about on the mark. I didn't notice any problems with the 610 when I sold them, there was no interface lag, the screen was clear, nice cheap outright phone.

    nokia will be the great come-back kid in 2013. fantastic phone.

    if it is anything like the Lumia 920, i feel sorry for anyone that buys it.....

      Brilliant! Wow, that really nails it. Well done, you complete moron.

    This actually looks really good - dual core CPU, microSD and a front-facing camera make it a significant step-up from any WP7 Lumia handset. At this price it could easily be offered on lower end plans without any handset payment and on pre-paid.

    It kind of looks like the new iPod Touch. That's not a bad thing.

    If the price is right, I want one of these for my grandmother.

    I still reckon WP8 is the perfect old persons operating system. Especially given it supports Greek too, which will make life easier for her.

    Was about to finally go from my $30 brick of a phone to a Lumia 610, but I'm definitely waiting for this instead.

    considering the following issues:
    the 920 is unable to use certificate based authentication for networks, it is a massive flaw in the OS, nokia knows about this, but is unable to fix it.
    battery life on the 920, im lucky to get 10 hours out of it, nokia has said to turn everything off, wifi, 3g, data, emails, bascially turning it back into a dumbphone.
    random reboots a few times a day.

    yep, a REALLY good handset....

      I had a battery drain issue and the phone would get very hot. Eventually it totally locked up. I found on the net that power and volume down for 10 seconds does a soft boot. It fixed the heat and associated battery drain for me. Hope it helps but you're carrying on like a tool. It is a first release windows 8 phone and features are missing. The operating system is actually pretty solid. If you're not happy take it back and get an iphone5. They're awesome. For the teen target market, the 620 will be brilliant.

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