New Apple Patent Outlines The Wireless Charging Future We're All Dreaming Of

Truly wireless charging, it's a tech utopia we all long for. Sure, we're getting there, but it still requires contact, which is only slightly better. If places like Starbucks starts putting pads in their tables, hooray, but it's a far cry from a real charging zone. A recent Apple patent outlines just that, the wireless charging dream we've all had in our heads for years.

In a patent application published a few days ago, "Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment," Apple is filing for some tech that looks like wireless charging heaven. Using near-field magnetic resonance, Apple aspires (in theory) to create a wireless charging dome that reaches out up to a yard from the source, powering anything nearby with NFMR resonator circuits in them. Mice, keyboards, phones, remotes, whathaveyou. It's a dream come true.

Or rather it could be a dream come true if this is actually coming down the development pipe and works according to plan. Sure, jacking up NFMR so that the "near-field" is several feet could charge distant devices, but it could also mess with things like credit cards, and who knows what else. On top of that, there's also the chance this patent is more of a defensive move, and that this kind of charging is still a way off, but the patent was filed "just in case."

Either way, it's nice to dream, right? But shorter the time we're reduced to dreaming, the better. [WIRED]



    Oh come on.

    From here:
    The systems that the team have described would be able to transfer energy over three to five metres.

    Apple did not invent this. This concept is the product of years of research by other people.


      And even they are using ideas that are almost 100 years old.

      But I guess Apple is the innovator again. Man I hate sounding like a Fandroid but articles like this leave me no choice.

        Patents are way out if control. Will someone have a patent on having patents one day?

        Disliking apple does not mean you have to be a 'fandroid'. I have an iPhone but still think the company pulls dick moves. It would be great if people could judge companies on a case by case basis. I don't hate people who use LG televisions because my in is a Samsung. It's really weird this android vs apple rage.

      I guess Apple puts lots of R&D into finding technologies that hasnt been patented yet, then patenting them.
      Then puts lots of money into lawyers to sue people using it

    Time to start buying shares in tin foil underpants...

    Wireless charging that doesn't remove the ability to use a case is all I want. People are so excited about the Lumina 920's charging when I'm just going to negate it with a big otterbox.

      Havent read anything about not being able to wirelessly charge the 920 with a case on it

    How can they give apple a patent for this,when Nikola Tesla invented it and demonstrated it in 1981 and already held a patent for it before he died. Surely owner ship of a patent is passed to the oweners estate in the event of a death? if not, how long will it be before we start seeing apple-Samsung assassinations to free up patents?

    The issue with this is Apple. If they slap their crappy patents on it, it'll become something no-one else could use unless you fall inline with their locked down systems,


    What if I don't want my phone being charged at the time?
    How much cancer will all these magnetic power waves give me?
    How strong do these magnetic waves need to be to give my phone a proper charge at 5 metres?

    No thanks Apple. I'm happy with Qi for now. If Cafes and the like can implement that into their tables, then I can charge when I want to charge.

      What if I don't want my phone accessing wireless internet at the time?
      How much cancer will wifi / 3G waves give me?


      What if I don't want my radio picking up those newfangled AM waves?
      How much cancer will this 'television' give me as it sails through the air?

      Your question implies that magnetic radiation gives you cancer. This has never been proven. MRI's have again and again been proven to be safe and have HUGE amounts of magnetic radiation, not to mention the planet we live on is a big magnet itself. One day they might prove you right but in the mean time don't argue points with false arguments. I however do agree with most of the people that this patient business is getting out of order.

    If you stand under high voltage power lines beefy enought o light up a flourescent bulb... will it charge your phone too?

    Seems like a perfect way for batteries to develop memories

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