Multi-Function Microwave Handles All Your Dinner Prep

If you demand every tool and appliance in your kitchen to more than pull its weight, you'll want to check out this multi-function wonder from Italian company Ariete. Its new 4-in-1 kitchen miracle combines a microwave, a grill, a toaster oven, and a bread maker into a single stainless steel metal box.

With a 25-litre cooking capacity you can nuke almost anything, or whip up delicious fresh-baked bread using one of 10 different presets. There's also a handy child lock which presumably keeps little ones from accessing scalding hot food or irradiating their favourite action figure. And at just over $US170 if you crunch the numbers, you're actually saving quite a bit of money, not just counter space. [Ariete via Appliancist]

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