New Android Apps: Mobli, Flipboard, Pitfall

New Android Apps: Mobli, Flipboard, Pitfall

Everything you’ll find in this week’s roundup of Android apps is super fun. We’ve got a couple of games (some of which might remind you of your childhood), another Instagram alternative and much more.

Flipboard: Your favourite reader app launched on Android tablets this week. It’s fully optimised for bigger screens, which means you can see more of your tiles and longer previews of stories. Free. [clear]

Mobli: So everyone freaked out this week when Instagram changed its terms of service. And it might have back-pedalled but in case you’re turned off to the photo app, Mobli is another picture-sharing alternative packed with tons of beautiful filters. Free. [clear]

Pitfall: One thing I love about smartphone apps is they give a chance for old video games to have new life. This is one of those cases. Guide Pitfall Harry through crazy obstacles in his jungle adventure. And maybe wax nostalgic about your childhood just a little bit. Free. [clear]

PlayMobil Pirates: I actually had a PlayMobil pirate ship when I was a kid. That thing is long gone, but if you, too, miss that classic toy, you can play with the old boat in a new Android game. Free. [clear]

Pudding Monsters: In order to be saved from certain death by way of becoming dinner, the denizens of the fridge, the Pudding Monsters, have to ban together to solve puzzles and word games. It’s made by the same people who brought you Cut the Rope, so chances are you’ve just found your new addictive game. Free. [clear]