Master Networking With The Microsoft Virtual Academy

Master Networking With The Microsoft Virtual Academy

Networking is at the heart of every server environment Windows Server 2012 introduces a host of new network management and deployment options, and Microsoft Virtual Academy is the ideal way to learn about its capabilities.Image

The Windows Server 2012: Networking course covers networking basics in the Windows Server 2012 environment: enhanced IP address management options, the ability to combine multiple network interface cards to act as a single device, and the use of Hyper-V to virtualise networks and create extensible switch architectures. This 200-level course will earn you 46 points.

For additional insights, the Windows Server 2012: Identity And Access course covers Active Directory Domain Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and using the new DirectAccess model for remote access. This is also a 200-level course, and is worth 73 points.

If you’re new to Windows Server 2012, you’ll want to tackle the technical overview before tackling the networking elements. That will score you an extra 125 points as well.

With Microsoft Virtual Academy, you can progress through material at your own pace and when you have time available. Complete the self-assessment tasks to score points, and track your progress against fellow students in Australia and around the world. As your knowledge grows, you’ll move from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum membership. Sign up today and enhance your networking knowledge.