Let's Hope Disney Can Save Star Wars Merchandise Too

The recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, and the announcement that more Star Wars films are in the works, has fans cautiously optimistic about the future of that galaxy far, far away. And while no one wants to get too excited, it might even mean merchandise like this lame R2-D2 pizza cutter might go the way of the Sith.

Its biggest claim to fame is playing authentic astromech sound effects as you roll the wheel back and forth, but that's about as much effort as its creators were willing to dedicate to its design. Instead of a sculpted handle, or even an R2-esque paint job, they slapped a tiny sticker on it and are now demanding $US22 for it. It's a new low for Star Wars products, and like most loyal fans, I personally refuse to buy more than one. [Dottor Gadget]


    I'm sorry, but you expect DISNEY, of all companies, to not go all out on slapping merchandising on any possible thing they can. There is a reason why Krusty the Clown in the Simpsons merchandises everything, because he is a parody of the Disney merchandising machine.

    Considering Disney/Pixar made Cars 2 solely because Cars made $10 Billion in merchandise I'm with you... this is only the beginning...

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