Kogan Mobile Is Official

The Kogan Mobile thing that was sort of real, then not real, then real again, is now actually happening. Thinking it's all a little ridiculous now? Me too. Follow me around the room, if you can.

This morning, a "rumour" emerged that Kogan would soon go into the telco business, reselling the Telstra network on a pre-paid basis. Telstra spent the afternoon debunking the "rumour", saying that it wasn't in bed with Kogan. This evening a story went to air on A Current Affair about the service, followed by a press release confirming the existence of Kogan Mobile. Riiight.

Anyway, it exists, and here's the goddamn pre-paid pricing:

Kogan Mobile is powered by the Telstra Mobile Network running on the 850MHz band. It's capable of average download speeds ranging from 550kbps to 3MBps.



    I am so confused

      Not confusing. Telstra merely said they're not dealing directly with Kogan.

      Kogan get their Telstra service through a middle-man, that's all.

    Looks great. Any word when we can get our hands on this?

    Is there any catch or hidden conditions on this?? I was looking at it before, but it just seems too good to be believable...

      I think the catch is that it's not on the NextG network, but rather a "3G capable" network that Telstra also has..

        They switched that off a while ago though so no. The 850 band IS their Next G so that's not the catch.

          No they didn't. They still run a standard 3G network which is used by resellers. You'll notice this never refers to the network as NextG, or 3G+, or HSPA+. It only ever refers to it as 3G, so that's your catch. You're not on the NextG network like the normal Telstra customers are.

            NextG is marketing fluff for Telstra's 850MHz "3G" network, yes they had a 2100MHz network like Optus/VHA, which was shared between 3 and Telstra. I'm pretty sure that's turned off now.
            some points to note...
            NextG is 3G(850)
            3G+ is 2 simultaneous 3G networks(Optus 2100 + 900, VHA 2100 + 850)
            HSPA+ is 3G, but it runs on higher encapsulation so it runs more data, but still 3G(Unless you are in America, then its imitation 4G)

            Regardless, Telstra, Optus and VHA have HSPA+, OPTUS and VHA have 3G+, and Telstra is not reselling their 2G and 3G network(Next G)


            Telstra is now reselling their 2G and 3G network(Next G)

            No, that was the 2100 band that they shared with Vodaphone. The 850 which the article says they're using here is what they use for Next G.
            The "catch" usually involves things like international roaming.

              They are only using parts of the NextG network though, not all of it. They won't actually have access to NextG (ie, "3.5G") speeds, they will be capped at normal 3G speeds. You also get a lot less coverage area.

              Kogan: http://mobilemaps.net.au/3G/
              Telstra NextG: http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/coverage-networks/our-coverage/state-coverage/

              Pretty big difference.

          no they didn't, Kogan will be on Telstra's wholesale 3g network which isn't Next-G. Telstra does not wholesale its Next-G Network

            They are though! Its the same network! Nextg is telstras name for it and the MVNOs are not allowed to use it.
            The difference Is, is that there are speed and coverage restrictions. The wholesale product gives 98.5 percent population coverage, 97% 3G, the rest gsm/edge

              It's using the same 850MHz base stations, but as you say there are speed differences. Telstra's retail NextG product uses HSPA for much higher speeds than their wholesale TW3G product, which is capped at 3G speeds of (typically) 0.3 to 1.1Mbps.

      It's Kogan, of course there's a catch somewhere.

        The catch is that they aren't as amazing as Amaysim

      The catch is that 850MHz isn't being used for LTE.

    Now it seems

    6GB data a month on pre-paid? Well I'm sold.

      Well I've ordered a SIM. $5 delivery for a 'free' SIM. Someone's gotta give it a go.

      Hell for $29 on the Telstra network that might be worth it just for a wireless hotspot. It would cost me another $30 a month for another 3GB on my phone plan with Telstra.

        Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to testing it out for internet use when I visit my sister next on the farm. She has to put up with horrible prices for 2GB a month right now, plus paying for any line maintenance.

          I suggest you have a look at the coverage map here first: http://mobilemaps.net.au/3G/
          Compare that to this: http://telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/coverage-networks/our-coverage/mobile-broadband/ and you should see a huge difference in the area you want to visit.

          Large slabs of Australia are not covered at all (whereas they are by Telstra "proper" NextG) and other parts are 2G only, meaning a maximum download speed of 250kbps, averaged at 50-100kbps.

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    Seems to good to be true. Single band 850mhz might be an issue.

    Bah, none of these are ever any good for me. $50 of Vodafone credit lasts me about 7 months and doesn't expire for a year. All of these would expire before I had a chance to "use" that much stuff.

      Bah, I use telegrams and smoke signals. This is no use to me.

        Hahaha, fair enough. I could have worded it a bit better. Mainly just that the point of entry on these things is really high, the expiration times are really short and the prices really high compared to the way I've been using my phone for the past... decade, actually. Mainly just receiving calls, sending messages occasionally and only making calls to my family's phones because of the free Vodafone minutes I get with each recharge. I'm stuck in this habit of keeping use to a minimum, but don't really have any middle ground to step up to because the next step up is costs way too much in comparison.

    I don't quite need the unlimited - I wish I could get something like that starter of 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data - otherwise it seems an amazing deal for heavy users.

      Try Vaya - you can get about twice that much voice & data for $7/month. Great for light and moderate users.

    With the Kogan's network being 850mhz it would seem they don't have a direct link to Telstra, so technically Telstra are correct. They're likely to be reselling from iTelecom, who wholesale Telstra's Next G network.

    Why limit it to 3Mbps and not 7.2?

      Ok apparently it is:

      "Kogan Mobile has a typical download speed of 550kbps-3Mbps and upload speed of 300kbps-1Mbps (peak network download speed of 7.2Mbps)"

      Maybe there trying to be realistic about actual speeds. I would imagine a network already used by Telstra with a large number or new users would probably suffer from a lot of congestion.

    Will 4G be available? Or is this out of the question.

      No, it runs on the 850Mhz band which is 3G. 4G at the moment runs on 1800Mhz.


    The catch is you cannot download over 400 MegaBYTES per second.

    No roaming...

    My question is, why don't the big carriers offer deals like this? Maybe make it an extra $10 per month for the LTE networks, but with the same inclusions. You'd think that with all the money they have, they'd be able to do things like this themselves.

      1) They wouldn't make as much money
      2) They can't handle the traffic

        You do realise that the large providers serve their own traffic. Plus the MVNO traffic.... Telstra have their own customers, plus Kogan's customers.

          And they'll be throttling the Kogan customers to ensure their own customers get the best access for the premium money they pay.

            Which has literally no bearing on them not being able to 'handle the traffic'........

              You haven't seen how oversubscribed the Optus and Vodafone networks are, resulting in poor connectivity and speed? Now it seems Telstra is getting that way in the melbourne CBD too.

              If they let you download 3x as much while charging you less money, do you think that would get better?

    The 3 Mbps on 850 Mhz would indicate that Kogan is using (in some way) Telstra's 3G UMTS/WCDMA network, but not the HSPA, DC-HSPA and LTE features/networks.

    It's the same principal as using the GSM network, but not GPRS features.

    wow this seems like an amazing deal...I wish I wasnt locked into a BYO plan for the next 6 months!

    That's...actually....pretty good. On Telstra too.

    Holy fuck.

    Does anyone know if it includes 1800 and 1300 numbers?
    EDIT: I actually read the table and I now know it does.

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    Assume you can bring your own number? .. $300 for a year of unlimited calls, sms and 6 gb a month sure beats the $50 I pay with Vodafail (and only 500 mb / month)

      Porting seems to be an option.

        Yeah, it's also mentioned quite clearly in the terms and conditions.

      You might also want to look at kiss mobile. They run on the vodafone network with prepaid that never runs out. Their call cost are VERY reasonable. I put about $50 every six months (though I don't use my phone much)

    So anyone else on the amaysim $39.90 unlimited plan considering switching? I'm thinking the Telstra network would have better reception that Optus...
    EDIT: Plus 2gb extra downloads per month, which is always handy...

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      Yup I'm thinking about switching

        My only concern is whether or not you can port your existing phone number over as well... I've had the one I've got through three different carriers, over 12 years, so not too keen on losing it!

          As above

            Awesome, thanks for pointing that out... Definitely tempted now.

              Yep, I'm considering it too.
              I don't think this has the unlimited social networking though.
              I use up my 4GB internet every month, and I like to still be able to Facebook while I'm out of data.

    I wonder what the reception is like on the single 850 band.

    "Free Calls, SMS & Data!
    Get started with 100 free minutes, 100 free SMS and 100MB of data. Don't pay a cent until you know how great the service is!"

    Just ordered mine .. why not test the service out for $5 .. will post results

    Posted results on the next page of comments

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      That's a good point... I might just do the same.

    Needs 365 data plans, would make this great for tablets etc

      You could use the $299 plan with your tablet. Get 6GB a month.

        Why on earth would you need 6GB per month for your tablet?!? Even with no WIFIat home i'm not sure I could use half that that much data if i tired.

        Telstra offers 12gb or something like that for 365 already and its only around $180

          Kogan is 6GB per month. So that's :
          72GB for 365 days @ $299
          12GB for 365 days @ $180

          you do the maths...

            I did, and I don't need 12GB let alone 72GB

            For super movie strewing power users on a monthly basis, sure why not... But for general web browsing in Telstras network...

            or kogan $10 a month for 2gb gets you 24gig for 360 days for $120

              Forget it Tim, he just wants something to complain about. He'll never be happy.

    I wonder if Adam Internet will have a similar offering soon... would be nice to bundle ?

    Just to make it clear, here are the "catches" with this:
    - Speed is limited to a maximum of 7.2mbps, which averages at 500kbps to 3mbps depending on where you are and various other factors
    - Coverage is limited to 98.5% of the population - more than Optus/Vodafone and less than being on Telstra retail - that might be fine for most people but many regional towns on this service are 2G only.
    The towns that are 2G only are grey on this map: http://mobilemaps.net.au/3G/ and this means that calls and text work fine, but internet is slow at 250kbps maximum, averaged at 50-100kbps.
    - You will not get 4G/LTE.
    - You won't get the benefit of future capacity upgrades in cities because as already pointed out, this runs at 850mhtz only.

    Once again, take a good look at the coverage - I had a look at WA in reply to a whirlpool post and as an example, there are large towns and tourist destinations only covered by 2G and the highways between them not covered at all (where as you get full coverage on NextG)

    It is a cheap service, if you can live with the catches.

    Please compare this: http://mobilemaps.net.au/3G/
    to this: http://telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/coverage-networks/our-coverage/mobile-broadband/
    before you committ.

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