Kim Dotcom's Throwing An 'Epic' Kiwi Party To Launch His New File-Sharing Service

If there's one thing former Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom knows how to do, it's grabbing attention. When his new service, simply called "Mega", embraces the internet on January 20 next year, it'll be with a "press conference like no other" at his massive mansion in New Zealand.

Via Twitter, Kim Dotcom invited media to sign-up for the launch using the Mega website:

He has yet to go into in detail about what to expect (from the conference or Mega itself), though it'll be a conference "like no other" as Dotcom "can't do anything small".

In the same batch of tweets, Dotcom mentioned that "selected" media will have a chance to try the service out 48 hours before its general release. I'm sure those previews will be exceptionally exciting.

The last time Dotcom was in the news, he claimed NZ would enjoy free broadband (though "heavily subsidies" would be a better description"), thanks to the planned resurrection of the stalled Pacific Fibre project.

[Twitter, via TechCrunch]



    Mr Dotcom,

    As a very embarrassed NZ'er I would like to apologise for the fawning sycophantic actions of the NZ government departments who conspired with the FBI to so pathetically bumble & bugger up their dreamed-up 'action man' like response to what was a contentious, barely logical argument.

    Please continue your, and your family & friends's interesting and fun acts, which go far more to the spirit and character of the country than a bunch of Half-wit moronic Dumpties in the 'Beehive' ever could


    (The) Batman

      I dont think "(The)" is your real name?

    Mr teaBagger,

    If you don't believe that, you're really going to doubt I'm a multi billionaire who lives with an old man and a young boy, in a cave.

    In NZ......

    Mr B.

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